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In conversation with Jo Walsh...


This month we caught up with our beautiful sister Jo to find out a little more about her yoga journey and the power of moon cycles.

Tell us a little about how you first came to  yoga…

I was about 14 when my mum suggested it as I was having a bit of a hard time at school. My parents’ solution was always exercise but I disliked most forms of movement…until I found yoga! That first savasana made me cry and felt like such a huge weight lifted. From then on it s-l-o-w-l-y weaved its way into my life (I mean once or twice a week), and around age 2I started self-practice when I went travelling. That was it.

Where did you learn to teach yoga? 

I always had the sneaky suspicion I wanted to teach but never had the confidence to voice that to myself or others. Luckily my teacher Sherrie encouraged me to do a teacher training about 4 years ago now, and I’ve never looked back. I started my training with a Thai Yin Yoga course in Dorset, England. It’s a beautiful form of yin with movement, based on Thai Massage principles. I then studied Vinyasa Yoga with Nicole Walsh in Sydney, and am now training with Maty Ezraty. It’s the only thing I’ve ever actually wanted to study!

How did your first class go?

I can’t actually remember my very first class, but I know that in the early days I hired a dance studio out and it was mostly lovely friends and family supporting. I would sweat and shake before class, but once I was in there and sharing the nerves faded away. Before long I found that I needed to get over my ego, and myself and realize people just want to feel good and I could be a catalyst for that. The less I make it about me, the better it is!

How do you start your day, do you have a morning routine?

If I’m not teaching at the crack of dawn, there is nothing I love more than to go to the beach, meditate and swim. Lucky I live in Sydney now so it makes that lifestyle easier than London.

Has practicing yoga had an impact on your life?

Pretty much in every single way. It started as a physical practice for me, to breath and move. But now it runs so much deeper. The more esoteric parts of the practice that I initially avoided, probably out of fear, are now intrinsic to my life. Energy, cycles, mind behaviours, these are all aspects I am learning more and more about and they are hugely benefitting my life.

You love sharing your wisdom about the Moon circles. Do you have a Full and New Moon Manifestation Practice and do you have a tip for those who would like to start?

I do indeed! I’m not sure i would say I have plenty of wisdom, just my own experience to share.. In short, Full Moon is a time of shedding and letting go, New Moon is a time to set new intentions for the coming month or even year. It is so important we spend time with ourselves creating a roadmap, and even if we’re not sure on set goals (e.g. career, relationship etc), we can most certainly bring forth a feeling we’d like to have or quality of life. For me, my whole life changed when I listened to The Secret and was introduced to the concept of manifestation. I suddenly realized I had the reigns to steer my life in any direction I chose, rather than letting things happen to me. You can also do the same by taking a step back, and inviting in that which you want, rather than focusing so much on things that you don’t. In a nutshell, where your attention goes, energy flows.

What else is on the horizon for you in 2018?

Well, not so yoga related, but definitely a union! I get married in March and am so excited to share our love and spend quality time with friends and family from around the world.