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At Yogatime all levels, ages, shapes and sizes are welcome and celebrated! Our desire is to bring people together and to create conscious community

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Class descriptions

At Yogatime we are blending mindful movement with breath (Vinyasa Flow), acknowledging the traditional lineages of yoga, presenting them in a way that is meaningful and relevant for creating a conscious practice on and off the mat.

Sun Flow / Luna Flow

These are our classic vinyasa yoga classes, designed to align our energies with the rhythm of nature. Sun Flow is a vibrant powerful practice creating strength and a deeper relationship to prana. Luna Flow is our deep powerful practice that uses asana to cultivate stability and calmness of both body & mind. Both practices will cleanse and tone your body while opening and focussing your mind. The blend between strength and flexibility is perfectly balanced so that your body, mind & spirit find harmony.

Slow Flow

A beautiful fluid practice. Our Slow Flow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned, This practice is less vigorous than our classic Vinyasa Flow classes. Suitable for all levels.


Enjoy a guided meditation at the end of your yin or vinyasa class (look for ‘meditation’ on the timetable). These classes will bring an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity to your mind & body. You will leave this class relaxed and blissed out.


Long holds in restorative poses that work deeply into the connective tissues and fascia to unlock tension and restore your body & mind. yin Yoga offers us a chance to balance the Yang nature of our lifestyles. With the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks, deep inner tensions that live in the connective tissue can be released. Yin Yoga also taps into the Meridian System of the body, drawing upon traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhist philosphies.


Essential class is a gentle introduction to yoga to help to understand the basics of alignment, to build strength and balance in a supportive environment. Beginning from the base, you will be gently taken through the foundations of the practice, preparing you in a way that you feel confident to explore other classes.

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