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Upcoming Workshops at Yogatime

Reiki training level 1 with Attunement

Start Energy Healing

Have you wanted to work as an energy healer?

Learn mini rituals and techniques for grounding, protecting & charging yourself with magnificent healing energy?

Become more intune with your own energy body?

This training is the first step into discovering more about the amazing human energetic system.

Reiki 1 can be chosen as a step towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner or as investment in your health and tool along your spiritual journey, letting us to become more intuitive and in tune with ourselves and the world around us, as well as understanding our true paths here on earth. The training will take you through the history and fundamentals of Reiki. Once completed you will be attuned to level one and be able to provide Reiki healing to yourself, as  well as willing plants, animals and other loved ones.

The numbers will be kept small (4-6 students) to ensure enough time for each student individually and to provide a supportive, intimate space for this beautiful Reiki journey to organically unfold.

You will learn;

What is Reiki and how Reiki works and its impacts.

Reiki’s history, how it came to the west and the modalities it can be combined with.

Techniques and tools for grounding, unblocking, and charging yourself with magnificent Ki energy

Chakra Theory fundamentals

Helpful tools and techniques o how to prepare ourselves as a channel of energy and a practitioner

The Reiki attunement which opens you up to be able to channel reiki energy

How to give a Reiki treatment to others

How to give Reiki Self Treatment

Certificate and practice time post attuenement

Opportunity to continue to practice and apply what you have learned in a healing and supportive environment (Reiki Gatherings and Yin & Assisting in Reiki classes at Yogatime)


Detailed book course manual

Healthy snacks & herbal tea (lunch break included)

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Practice time post attunement


Connecting to a wonderful authentic vibrant community

When: December 1st (Saturday) 9.15 am-4pm

Investment: $270 (payment plans available)

All Reiki level one students who train with Yogatime can deepen their reiki journey as part of this training.  There is the opportunity to assist in our weekly Yin and Reiki classes and monthly Reiki Share Nights.

To find out more about Wiebke and her healing journey go to our Blog 

The Foundation with our lovely Ruby & Shaun!

Are you looking for a slower paced yoga class to allow you to move mindfully and safely through the postures?

Would you love some individual attention to check that your alignment in poses is correct?

Do you want to gain deeper understanding around your yoga practice so that you can practice yoga with more confidence?

Would you enjoy some more hands on assisting to help guide you deeper into poses or fix potential mis-alignments?

Our foundation workshop will kick off this Saturday at 11am. Make sure to reserve your spot as we only have limited left. Dive into a new experience, awaken your mind, body and spirit. This two hour workshop will shed light on the important elements of your yoga practice and will enable you to choose wisely which class to attend and how to modify each practice in order to meet your needs and better protect yourselves. You will gain deeper body awareness and an understanding of what yoga really is, deepen your knowledge on how to do yoga asanas correctly and how to move in and out of a pose in a safe way,  learn how to breathe properly during your practice, start to build strength & flexibility, reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being.

This course is for beginners and students to develop confidence in their practice and everyone who would like to hone their practice.

When: November 17th, 11am-1pm
Investment: $44

Massage & Reiki


Enjoy this relaxing journey as Megan massages your body and gently uses healing touch and Reiki for a deep soothing, restorative and relaxing experience. Melt away layers of physical and emotional tension, release stress, anxiety, back pain and relax in blissful luxury. The result of combining those two ancient healing methods is a state of relaxation much deeper than traditional sleep. Reiki releases the energies of the body that are blocked by fatigue and stress, allowing these energies to flow more freely through the body. The nervous system is put into a calmer state and thus relieves the mind of anxiety.

When: Friday, 2nd  November 6pm and 7.30pm
Investment: $65 (60 min treatment)

Email us to book your session: info@yogatime.com.au

About Megan:
Megan has always had a passion for the healing power of touch with naturally led her towards practicing massage and Reiki. Megan has been studying the art of massage for the last 12 months and completing her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and Reiki Level one and two with Sarah Bruce from Spirit Earth Reiki earlier this year. Megan brings different healing methods together to give her clients physical, emotional Wellbeing and spiritual harmony.

This 60 minute treatment combines relaxation massage with a touch of Reiki energy healing to restore the peace and balance that is so easily lost in our busy day to day lives. The treatment includes a consultation and individualised Reiki massage treatment with essential oils.

Sound Healing

This time of the year is the perfect time to slow down, to nurture your body and to turn inwards  and heal before things start to speed up before Christmas..

Olivia will guide you through an evening of Pranayama, Meditation and Blissful Sound. You are invited to lie down and immerse in healing sound vibrations. The frequency of the sound naturally induces a deep meditative state, helping you to release stress and enhances a restful and healing sleep.

When: Tuesday, November 6th, 7.30pm
Investment: $25

Kundalini Activation

The Kundalini Rising class offers a guided way to activate your Kundalini to start your Kundalini awakening process.

In class, you will lay down on your yoga mat and music is played. The Kundalini facilitator Katrin will touch your chakra points on your body to transmit direct Kundalini energy. Spontaneous movements can arise, and you may release emotional blockages which can be expressed by feeling heat or pressure in certain areas of your body. Some also receive deep insights and experience profound changes in the coming days after class.

With continued exposure a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system takes place. You will dissolve old belief patterns that hold you from being your authentic self. Give yourself the opportunity to start living from your heart space and pursue what makes you truly happy and aligns with your inner being and soul purpose.

To learn more about Katrin, her journey and her offerings click here

When: Thursday’s 7.30pm
Investment: $35

New Moon in Scorpio

Sacred Women Circle

Our November Sacred Moon Circle will be held on Friday the 9th of November, it is in Scorpio, element of water. 

Scorpio, in all its intensity purifies us through the last stages of spring. Water has many forms, it can be the calm stillness of a natural spring, untouched by a ripple and soothing is the gentle sound of water trickling, it can be a gushing waterfall, thundering from a great height, impressive, roaring through the valley, it can be the heat of a sauna and the cold plunge after – the water of Scorpio is wild, intense, incapsulating and emotive. We are likely to feel very submerged in our emotions and sexual energy moving towards this new moon. A tiny boat in the middle of an immense storm, balancing on the lips of gigantic waves. Scorpio is our transformation guide – as through all of this wildness we are connecting strongly to ourselves, delving deep into our feelings. This is the supportive energy of Scorpio. There is a desire for meaningful exchanges and possibly the need for empathy and forgiveness. 

We are the centre of our own universes and as we learn ways to stay connected to this, our source energy, we move closer to mastering the art of living from a place of happiness, peace and fulfilment. 

In honour of Scorpio’s water element we will be creating individual bath salt mixes from raw materials, a natural and source-energy-rich potion for us to take home and bath in. If you don’t have a bath you could have a foot bath – or gift your potion jar – hand and love made bath salts are great gifts for upcoming festive season. 

As always we will open and close with a beautiful ceremony, there will be elements of ritual, meditation, breathing, sharing and intention setting. 

We ask that each woman bring her own clear glass jar (and lid), we will provide sea and epson salts, essential oils, dried herbs and flowers for the mix. If you have any essences or raw scents that you wish to bring to share that would be amazing. 

Please bring a journal & pen. 

When: November 9th,  7pm-9pm

Investment: $22

Chakra Balancing & Healing course


Clear blockages, balance your chakras to improve your health, relationships and wellbeing.

The chakras are the energy centres in your body system which directly influence your health, energy levels, emotions and progress along the spiritual path.

Each week we will focus and explore a different chakra, their location, and corresponding organs and meridians.

You will learn yogic postures, breath techniques and specific meditations and visualisations to release blockages, as well as allowing to invite fresh, vital energy back in and unravel the potential of each chakra. Each class will end with a long savasana and meditation for a blissful and relaxing experience.

Each session will incorporate group as well as individual Reiki Healing. 

This healing course is perfect for those who who want to learn more about themselves, get more in tune their energy body, and to connect with the areas within themselves that are in need of healing and re-balance.

Seven Workshops sessions, each for 90 minutes, Tuesday & Friday Nights

Dates:  2019

Investment: $240 (payment plans available)

About Wiebke

Wiebke is a holistic therapist and yoga teacher specialising in psychology, spiritual healing and Reiki. Wiebke runs inspiring workshops in which she empowers people to develop more peace, balance and fulfillment.

Each week the class will include:

•Exploration into the location, purpose, meaning of each energy centre

•How this chakra can help or hinder your current life situation and well being

•We will be feeling into your energetic world and tap into the power of your energy centres

•You will also experience mudras, mantras, pranayama and meditation techniques

•Aromatherapy oils will be selected for each chakra session to deepen and enhance your experience each session

Classes are kept small and intimate, which means you’re guaranteed individual personal attention to hold you in you journey.