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Upcoming Workshops at Yogatime

Reiki Sharing Nights

Come and join us for a magical night of Reiki healing.

Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing that can help alleviate physical, emotional & mental stress. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and is a way to ‘tune-up’ your energy to it’s healthiest state allowing for healing to take place. Share your experiences with a great collective of fellow yogis in a warm & super welcoming environment and dive into your weekend feeling refreshed & recharged.

When: Next date for AUGUST to be announced soon 

Investment: $30 on the door (30 min treatment)

Spaces are limited please rsvp to book your spot.


How Reiki works:

The great value of Reiki is, it knows exactly where to go and how to respond to restrictions in the flow of Chi. As Reiki flows through an unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away any negative thoughts or feelings. As this happens, the unhealthy physical organs and tissues become properly nourished and begin functioning in a balanced healthy way.

Studies that have been done so far have showed promising results for using Reiki to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. The data includes objective measures (decreased stress hormones, improved immune indicators, decreased heart rate and improved blood pressure) as well as subjective improvements in anxiety and pain (source- Reiki Australia)

Reiki training level 1

This training is the first step into discovering more about the amazing human energetic system. Reiki level 1 will take you through the history and fundamentals of  Reiki . Once completed you will be attuned to level one and be able to provide Reiki healing to yourself, as  well as willing plants, animals and other loved ones.

You will learn energetic healing techniques & handskills, chakra theory fundamentals and mini rituals for grounding, protecting & charging yourself with magnificent healing energy you can implement in your daily routine that will change your experience significantly.

The numbers will be kept small (4-6 students) to ensure enough time for each student individually and to provide a supportive, intimate space for this beautiful Reiki journey to organically unfold.

When: August 11th and 12th (Saturday and Sunday) 11am-3pm each day

Investment: $280

(payment plan available)


Detailed book course manual

Healthy snacks & herbal tea (lunch break included)

Sound Healing

Practice time post attunement


Connecting to a wonderful real community

Opportunity to continue to practice once a month and apply what you have learned in a healing and supportive environment.

The Moon Sessions

Join Mark Ashmore (Yoga Teacher & Astrologer) and Cora Geroux (Yoga Teacher & Women’s Coach) as they share their combined wisdom of yoga, astrology and lunar spiritual practice.

The Moon Sessions are a series of 2 workshopsone each held near the New and Full moon’s in July, that are an educational and embodied exploration of Lunar Wisdom.

Each session will include a yoga practice based around the moon phase, and astrological talk and practical, down to earth ways that you can align yourself with the moon that will facilitate more ease, flow and abundance in your life.

These workshops are perfect for you if:

  • You want to feel more in sync with the cycles of nature
  • Are interested in astrology, but don’t know where to start
  • Have tried manifesting practices in the past, but haven’t quite gotten the results you wanted
  • Are looking to understand how to work with the moon on a deeper level

You can expect to leave these workshops feeling more aligned with the natural rhythms of nature, inspired to create your own NEW & FULL moon rituals, educated on the astrological significance of the moon and how to use it’s phases to effect real change in your life.

When: July 27th 6.30-9.30pm

Investment: $80

Restorative Yoga & Hot Stones

In this class the healing benefits of hot stone placement and restorative yoga are combined to give students a therapeutic experience through stimulating and clearing through the chakra system.

Give yourself an evening to melt away physical tension and energetic knots with deeply restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, and soft music. Hot stones will be placed in you during poses to aid in the release of constrictions and provide a warm, relaxing sensation.

Think spa treatment meets your yoga mat.

When: Every other Tuesday, 7.30pm starting July 3rd

Bookings Essential. Spaces are limited to 10 students we recommend to book in early.

Investment: Members FREE, normal class rates apply

Sacred Women Circle

~ R A W N E S S ~

The theme of this July’s Scared Circle is ‘rawness’ – natural, exposed, source energy. This earth is our home, we have been given the gift of existing here, our unique and individual souls being birthed here. Magic. We invite you to join us for this months Scared Women Circle, to take a moment, an evening to connect to our feminine energy, encouraging us to reground and acknowledge how we feel when we exist from our essence. A circle, a space that is un-compromised by externalities, judgements or fears. 

We hold space to allow for growth, vulnerability, honestly, authenticity and self-discovery; honouring the ‘raw’ self, truly and fully. We radiate love for ourselves, our sisters and all living beings.

As always we will open and close with a beautiful ceremony, there will be elements of ritual, meditation, breathing, sharing and intention setting. In honour of Plastic Free July we will be creating individual bath salt mixes from raw materials, a natural and source energy rich potion for us to take home and bath in. 

We ask that each woman bring her own clear glass jar (and lid), we will provide sea and epson salts, essential oils, dried herbs and flowers for the mix. If you have any essences or raw scents that you wish to bring to share that would be amazing. 

We are looking forward to spending a wintery evening by candle light with you x 

When: Friday 20th July 7pm-9pm

To book click below and select view timetable and book into that class as you’d normally would book

Investment: Donation ($10) recommended


About Jem:

Jem is an Aotearoa girl, born at home on a farm in the north, moving south young, growing up closely connected to nature, in the presence of many animals, surrounded by bush, mountains, the ocean and rivers. Her draw to nature and interest in human consciousness has always been present. She was fortunate in her teens to begin ongoing mentoring with a ‘brilliance coach’, this work has deeply influenced her spiritual and mindful practice, igniting a desire to challenge mainstream thought and traditional ways of life, believing it to be restrictive and counterintuitive to the natural intuition and raw essence each soul has the potential to harness. Her sacred circles are influenced by the above in harmony with an absolute love for nature, for yin and yang energy, the sun and the cycles of the moon. An avid interest in Wicca, tarot, yoga, meditation and the ways of the Ngangkari (traditional Aboriginal Healers) also present in the rituals and conversations of each circle.

Sacred New Moon Circle

Join us for this Women New Moon Gathering to anchor yourself in gratitude and light so you can manifest your dreams and future visions. This will be a unique night to learn, heal and connect with like minded sisters with a high vibration and genuine love in their hearts!

A new moon circle holds space to harness and tap into the rejuvenating, cleansing and clarifying energy of the feminine yin essence. A new moon is soft and gentle, allowing us to hold space for one another while we reflect personally on the month and cycle that has been and to set new intentions for the month to come. It is a time of new beginnings and renewal, a time to honour our connection to nature and our feminine mystic. 

In order to really harness this lunation energy we will be working with releasing rituals,  plant based craft, meditation, breath exercises, background about moon rights and rituals, mini energy rituals, and a beautiful opening and closing ceremony that will leave us deeply connected to our hearts and paths.

This event will book out so reserve your spot early

When: August 10th,  7pm

Investment: By donation ($10 recommended)

To book click below and select view timetable

5 week Chakra Balancing & Healing course

Clear blockages, balance your chakras to improve your health, relationships and wellbeing.

The chakras are the energy centres in your body system which directly influence your health, energy levels, emotions and progress along the spiritual path.

Each week we will focus and explore a different chakra, their location, and corresponding organs and meridians.

You will learn yogic postures, breath techniques and specific meditations and visualisations to release blockages, as well as allowing to invite fresh, vital energy back in and unravel the potential of each chakra. Each class will end with a long savasana and meditation for a blissful and relaxing experience.

Each session will include group as well as individual Reiki Healing. 

This yoga course is perfect for those who who want to learn more about themselves, get more in tune their energy body, and to connect with the areas within themselves that are in need of healing and re-balance.

Seven Workshops sessions, each for 90 minutes

Dates:  Course runs over 3 x Thursday (7.30pm) and 3x Friday nights (6.30pm) over 5 weeks

Investment: $240 (payment plans available)

About Wiebke

Wiebke is a holistic therapist and yoga teacher specialising in psychology, spiritual healing and Reiki. Wiebke runs inspiring workshops in which she empowers people to develop more peace, balance and fulfilment.

Each week the class will include:

•Exploration into the location, purpose, meaning of each energy centre

•How this chakra can help or hinder your current life situation and well being

•You will learn yoga poses and experience a nurturing yoga sequence flow to work with this energy centre

•We will be feeling into your energetic world and tap into the power of your energy centres

•You will also experience ancient and beautiful mudras, mantras, pranayama and meditation techniques, specific to each chakra

•Aromatherapy oils will be selected for each chakra session to deepen and enhance your experience each session

Classes are kept small and intimate, which means you’re guaranteed individual personal attention to hold you in you journey.