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Upcoming Workshops at Yogatime


Start Energy Healing

  • Have you wanted to work as an energy healer?
  • Learn mini rituals and techniques for grounding, protecting & charging yourself with magnificent healing energy?
  • Become more in tune with your own energy body?

This training is the first step into discovering more about the amazing human energetic system. Reiki 1 can be chosen as a step towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner or as investment in your health and tool along your spiritual journey, letting us to become more intuitive and in tune with ourselves and the world around us, as well as understanding our true paths here on earth. The training will take you through the history and fundamentals of Reiki. Once completed you will be attuned to level one and be able to provide Reiki healing to yourself, as  well as willing plants, animals and other loved ones.

The numbers will be kept small (4-6 students) to ensure enough time for each student individually and to provide a supportive, intimate space for this beautiful Reiki journey to organically unfold.

You will learn:

  • What is Reiki and how Reiki works and its impacts.
  • Reiki’s history, how it came to the west and the modalities it can be combined with.
  • Techniques and tools for grounding, unblocking, and charging yourself with magnificent Ki energy
  • Chakra Theory fundamentals
  • Helpful tools and techniques o how to prepare ourselves as a channel of energy and a practitioner
  • The Reiki attunement which opens you up to be able to channel reiki energy
  • How to give a Reiki treatment to others
  • How to give Reiki Self Treatment
  • Certificate and practice time post attuenement
  • Opportunity to continue to practice and apply what you have learned in a healing and supportive environment (Reiki Gatherings and Yin & Assisting in Reiki classes at Yogatime)


  • Detailed book course manual
  • Healthy snacks & herbal tea (lunch break included)
  • Chakra Cleansing Meditation
  • Practice time post attunement
  • Certification
  • Connecting to a wonderful authentic vibrant community

When: Saturday, April 13th, 11am- 5pm

Investment: $270 (payment plans available)

All Reiki level one students who train with Yogatime can deepen their reiki journey as part of this training.  There is the opportunity to assist in our weekly Yin and Reiki classes and monthly Reiki Share Nights.

To find out more about Wiebke and her healing journey go to our Blog 



This course is for students, who want to explore the power of Reiki more deeply. Reiki level two training will enable you to work on a deeper level within your emotional, mental and spiritual body. You’ll also learn to send distance healings to your family and friends around the world.

When attuned to Reiki two the energy intensifies and you will notice a higher level of energy when performing healings. You are initiated into the three sacred symbols which increases the power of the energy and can be projected over time and space; past, present and future, and you will learn how to apply these into your healing sessions along with guidelines on how to create a healing space your for clients and develop a successful business. You will also learn how to send healing at a distance over time and space to friends, family, pets, and world peace.

Metaphysical subjects will also be explored, including the Universal Laws that govern our lives, along with guidance on physic protection and sensitivity/empaths as healers.

You will learn

  • The three sacred Reiki symbols
  • How to apply the symbols in healings and everyday life
  • How to send Distant Healings
  • How to give healing to animals and plants
  • The importance of  the Healer and the role as a healer
  • Protection and Grounding
  • The Code of Conduct and Ethics of becoming a Reiki Practitioner
  • An understanding of the new role as a Reiki Channel
  • How to set up a a successful Business

On completion of the course

After completion of this level you are recognised as a practitioner and are able to practice your new learnt modality in a professional capacity and charge money for your services accordingly.

You will receive a Certificate of the Second Degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing on completion of the course together with a manual, handouts and on-going support, including scheduled Reiki share at Yogatime.

Morning and afternoon refreshments are also provided.

Investment: $400 (payment plan available)

When: March 23rd and 24th

Prerequisites: You must have completed Reiki level one

To find out more about Wiebke and her healing journey go to our Blog 


Join us for an evening of singing, chanting and live music! Through chanting and mantra repetition we open our hearts, connecting to inner joy and releasing emotional stress and imbalance.

It’s going to be an absolutely divine evening and we hope you can make it!

When: March 31st, 6.15pm
Investment: $15

Family, kids, friends welcome!

Autumn Equinox Sound Healing


Join Olivia for an evening of sound healing and connection with the collective energy of the Autumn Equinox. The Equinox is a cyclical natural event that has been honoured and celebrated for centuries. It translates as equal night, marking the same amount of night and day, representing the exploration of letting go of what doesn’t serve us as the nights get longer and start to prepare us for the winter perculation.

You will be gently guided through a deeply nourishing immersion for restoration, yet also powerful clearing, awakening and grounding. During the evening, Olivia will guide you through clear quartz crystal bowl sound healing as a powerful healing form to support your journey.

Extra bonus for the night: Megan will provide you with relaxing massage & reiki as you rest on your mat.

Join us for this beautiful Equinox treat!

When: March 22nd, 6.30pm-8pm
Investment: $25

An evening of Spiritual Nourishment

This evening is an invitation to come together and to be guided into deepened spiritual nourishment. It’s an opportunity to reflect on areas of your life where you can call in more spiritual practice and meaning. We will gather, share, reflect, celebrate and write down our own intentions. Wiebke will share some of her favourite tools from her own spiritual practice and hold a safe and sacred space for your heart to allow full expression. This is an opportunity to shift your mindset towards gratitude and your nervous system towards restoration.

When: Thursday April 11th, 7pm-9pm
Investment: This is a community even. By donation

Massage & Reiki


Enjoy this relaxing journey as Megan massages your body and gently uses healing touch and Reiki for a deep soothing, restorative and relaxing experience. Melt away layers of physical and emotional tension, release stress, anxiety, back pain and relax in blissful luxury. The result of combining those two ancient healing methods is a state of relaxation much deeper than traditional sleep. Reiki releases the energies of the body that are blocked by fatigue and stress, allowing these energies to flow more freely through the body. The nervous system is put into a calmer state and thus relieves the mind of anxiety.

When: Thursday’s 7.30pm bookings essential
Investment: $75 for 60 min or $90 for 90 min

This treatment combines relaxation massage with a touch of Reiki energy healing to restore the peace and balance that is so easily lost in our busy day to day lives. The treatment includes a consultation and individualised Reiki massage treatment with essential oils.


What is AcuEnergetics®?

AcuEnergetics® is a modern energy healing modality with a unique and effective approach to treating illness in the body, while supporting its wellbeing and immune function. AcuEnergetics® understands that pain and disease in the body and mind is caused by a disruption in the flow of your body’s energy (electricity).

How does it work?

This method helps to restore the natural electrical flow in the body and encourages the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health.

When: Saturday March 2nd & March 16th

Investment and Treatments available:

  • Short taster immune system boost $40 (30 min)
  • Energetic Liver cleanse $75/60 min, $95/90 min
  • Lymph drainage $75/60 min, $95/90 min

About Anja

Anja is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner who has been studying and teaching both ancient and modern practices of balancing the overall energy of body, mind, and spirit for health and well-being in various places (including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, India, Israel, Crete and Sardinia) for over 16 years.

She is also qualified in the traditional Ayurvedic Abhyanga Oil Massage as well as in a range of other massage techniques (i.e. Holistic, Hot Stone,  Balinese). Anja brings a therapeutic approach and sense of holistic healing to her sessions and talks. With her home base in Berlin Anja is currently exploring life and work in the spiritual communities of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, seeing clients for individual sessions with AcuEnergetics®, Ayurveda Massage and Personal Yoga Training.

Sukha Mukha Teacher Training

At Yogatime we are always looking for collaboration and community. Sukha Mukha is a beautiful boutique Yoga studio in Bronte and we have developed a friendship over the years and we believe wholeheartedly in the value their trainings, programs and courses offer. If you are looking for an amazing Teacher Training that is deeply aligned to the core of Yoga, its philosophy and more,  in a boutique environment then read on:)

Sukha Mukha for their 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and embark on a deeply transformational journey. Experience the benefits of studying in a small group in a boutique Bronte studio, where you have the opportunity to build community and you are given individual attention – honouring the tradition of yoga teacher training.

​Over the past ten years Idit Hefer Tamir, founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga, has become an integral part of the teacher training program and alongside Katie Manitsas, has continued to develop and fine-tune its content, giving students one of the most thorough groundings in the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga in Australia today.

2019 Training Dates:

– 3 Month 200 Hr Weekend Intensive starting 23rd March

– 5 Month 200 Hr Weekly (Thursday) starting 1st August

– 1 Month 200 Hr 1 Month Intensive starting 31st October