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How We Will Reopen

Click below and download our re opening guide & studio safety guidelines. Please read through this before you attend an in studio class

A boutique wellness destination for health conscious souls.

Welcome to Yogatime Bondi! We are a boutique community based yoga school in the heart of Bondi Beach. We offer in studio yoga classes on a daily basis. We also offer Yin and Reiki several times a week as well as workshops, reiki- and teacher trainings. Yogatime is a place where you feel at home, safe and seen. A studio where we can all explore the inspiring practice of yoga together. A down to earth, authentic place with grounding energy supporting you to reconnect to your body and spirit. Are you in?

What makes us different


We are about the little things, from the moment you walk into our yoga & healing sanctuary you feel at home, safe and cared for. The energy we created in the space will create the first step of energetic shift needed for your practice, health and wellbeing.

We are

Our boutique studio has been founded in 2011 and since we are teaching meaningful & authentic yoga to the local community. All our offerings come from a pure & humble place. We believe coming from an authentic place provides the power of true mastery and healing.

We embrace energy medicine

Our classes & reiki healings are focussed on increasing your prana flow for healthy life expectancy, vitality and sustained energy for your entire body. We have been offering reiki & energy healings since 2016 and you are in very good & safe hands with us.

How to book a class

The easiest way to sign up for a class is through the KRIYA APP. You can download it for Android and IPhone. Create your account, add your payment information (credit card is required), go to Yogatime Bondi and book your class or class package easily. You can also give us a call. Our studio fits currently 8 mats and we recommend to pre book to ensure you get a spot! 

What We Offer


Join our Bali Yoga Haven, either in studio or online, and become part of a likeminded, authentic, down to earth community. We incorporate reiki & energy medicine in all our class offerings. Our studio is boutique allowing you to feel safe and us to teach from  a place of connection and compassion.

Reiki & Energy Healing

We believe that energy is the body’s best medicine. Our healing treatments help you to shift from fight or flight to FLOW and we offer reiki, acuenergetics and energy healings to support you on your healing journey. These treatments will help you to feel liberated, calm and rested.

Workshops & Trainings

Our mission is to empower you to feel liberated, free and grounded.  We offer a range of reiki trainings, energy healing courses, yoga workshops and meditation courses to provide a gateway into spiritual & personal growth.

Yogatime Testimonials

Wiebke has truly created a magical community and space at Yogatime. I look forward to every class and reiki session and always leave with a great energy. I highly recommend all that they have to offer!


All the teaching staff are fantastic, the small classes mean teachers can really pay attention to each student, the little reiki and massage offerings during classes are lovely, and it is a space that welcomes everyone. It feels like a community.


Yogatime is the most beautiful, peaceful sanctuary amongst Bondi. Im so grateful to have found this place to experience high quality yoga teachings and classes, an intimate space to feel safe and seen and deepen into my practice. Theres yoga classes for all different levels and experiences and I highly recommend this yoga studio to the locals and visitors of Bondi.


Besides the classes and teachers being amazing, I have done both my Reiki Level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can honestly say it was one of the most humbling experiences. Wiebke presence, energy and knowledge is so authentic and you come away feeling so comfortable and capable to use reiki as part of your own personal journey or with clients.


It is rare to find such a friendly, down-to-earth, healing atmosphere in the Bondi yoga scene.


Its a lovely space never over crowed and have the most amazing teachers.


The classes are great and the studio has the perfect size for you to improve your practice. It is also a beautiful community of like minded people. 100% recommended.


The most beautiful space where one can practice Yoga with incredibly knowledgeable and approachable teachers. No packed out soulless classes here just perfectly guided goodness throughout.


This place is yoga heaven! A haven of unheated, unpretencious yoga with fabulous teachers. A boutique studio well worth considering. xx


Meet our team

With a team of highly skilled and down to earth teachers & therapists we got you covered. 

Courses & Events

We add the healing touch to everything we offer

Reiki First Degree

Awaken the Subtle Body

Discover the healing method of Reiki for your own health and personal growth. This course is certified by Reiki Australia.

Meditation Course

Join Wiebke Queisser, Psychologist & Reiki Master, for this new 4 week course specially designed to help you get started right with all things meditation. Experience how nurturing, how easy and how effective even a short, simple meditation practice can be when you’ve been shown the right way to approach it.

Seasonal Yin & Reiki


Join Wiebke, Reiki Master & Psychologist for two hours of divine healing and health restore. The experience we create on this evening uses the combination of Yin & Reiki to allow the healing intention of this masterclass to be truly felt.

3 tips of mindfulness

Mindfulness can help

Close your eyes, ground into your feet and feel the connection to the earth. Take 5 deep, slow, long breaths.

Seated: Close your eyes and count 4 on the inhale and 4 on the exhale, finding balance in your in- and out breath. Notice how you can slow down the breath. Soothing the mind.

Place your hands on your heart and close your eyes gently. Silently repeat the mantra: ‘I am at ease’ on the inhale and ‘no stress can harm me’ on the exhale.

Lifedesigner toolkit

We had a chat with our founder Wiebke how to live a life that is aligned to our unique soul paths. She has created a worksheet with tips & inspirational questions to remind & inspire you on what’s important for YOU in this mystical and beautiful life. 

A little (online) Healing Haven.

Energy hygiene practices boosting your health

Guided yoga nidra for better sleep and a calmer nervous system

Authentic restorative practices leaving you feeling connected more deeply

Guided Meditations (beginners & advanced)


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