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A Closer Look at Reiki

Although it has been around for thousands of years in various different forms, Reiki’s most current form was developed in the early 1900s by a Japanese Buddhist. Using energy healing, Reiki practitioners call on palm healing or hands-on healing to transfer “universal energy” to help promote emotional or physical healing.

Tapping into this thousand-year old development, Wiebke uses this ancient Japanese Healing Method for Stress Recovery, Balance, and Health Restore on her patients.

Why? Our human body has an energy field through which we process the world.

By tapping into the methodology, we tap into a well of unused energy already flowing inside you.

The more connected you are to that energy, the healthier you will feel. Wiebke’s energy work can help you shift your body and mind into a more connected, coherent state of energetic flow. These sessions can help you utilise that well of flowing energy to boost your health, creativity, and performance across various aspects of your life.

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