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Wiebke- Lover of Earth, Nature and all things Energy

My Healing Story

My gift of energetic healing has been activated in stages throughout my life. I have always been sensitive and anxiety has accompanied me for many years throughout my entire childhood into adulthood.  Rarely I experienced the feeling of safety, or being held with love and warmth. Love has always had her hand towards me though. And like a cat I always landed on my feet, always moving towards the path of heart which is the foundation of soulful living.  My practice developed, not like an earth shattering, guru following, pilgrimage  but like a flower  opening over time, organically unfolding. Fortunately I grew up being close to nature and natural remedies were standard practice at home.  It is here I developed a deep connection with the earth and all things nature.  A quiet wisdom that sits very close and deep in my heart. Something I learned.. I felt, I experienced. When my father passed away, his body was brought back home to stay for three days so his spirit can pass through. My family never talked about the why or the meaning behind it but there was always this unspoken, deep known truth. We just knew. And so did I.. So I always hoped, I always believed, I always knew that there is our own rescue. Deep within us. And the more we connect deeply to nature and it’s rhythms and cycles the more we can feel connection and wholeness within.

Brought up with Reiki from childhood by my aunty in Germany, all of my initial education on reiki and energy healing was based on practical knowledge passed down from generations in my family. Over the years I then added on theoretical basis to my personal experience and went on to study Psychology (Masterdegree), Acuenergetics, Reiki, Yin Yoga and Meridian Theory. 

How life often presents, my gift of healing really was activated when I went through one of darker times of my life. After my father died I returned back to Australia. This land and country has always been there for me from the very first day I got to experience the magic and the deep spirit of the land and the generosity of the people living here. I was working as an organisational psychologist in the corporate world and got caught up in a very busy corporate life style.

I felt burned out, disconnected, misplaced, exhausted and my heart closed. After doing this for years I finally came to a point at my life where I could NOT go any further. And thanks for my upbringing, a very good friend and the connecting to the healing remedies of nature I choose a path that was very much aligned with my values and potential – I left Sydney and my corporate job to live and work for several months on an organic farm and health retreat in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This experience has been my rescue and blessing- Nature has peeled back the layers and after 5 weeks I could see the beauty of life again. I could taste all the different flavours of life and its beauty. I felt never happier and more alive than after this experience. Living, breathing and working in nature brought me back to my essence. It was then when I realised the deeply healing effects of a life that is aligned with soul and purpose. I came back to Sydney and after another year of training I decided to create a sanctuary of healing right in the heart of Bondi- With Yogatime and its beautiful authentic community I can share my work in a bigger way. So for the last few years I have been breathing and living my passion and am so blessed to share this gift, supporting all beings on their journey towards healing, through love, compassion, Yoga, Reiki, and all things Nature.

I now help my clients to reach and sustain higher levels of energy, ‘life-force’, so they can feel better (less anxiety, stress or depression), experiencing more ease and flow. My method combines reiki, Acuenergetics, yoga, mindfulness and breath work.

I can now see, hear, taste, touch other metaphysical dimensions, I can connect to other peoples hearts, I can talk to spirits and connect to animals and other beings on a metaphysical dimension on a daily basis.  I can feel love without the need for words. I can be alone in nature and feel so complete. I love, live and breathe the ocean, the rainbows the wonders of this world. I can touch the life that I have been given with my heart. I love dogs, humans, coffee, spiritual expansion and al the gifts our beautiful earth has to offer. I have a family (not just blood family) that is different, colourful, independent, loud, giving and loving but I do like my quiet time, my solitude.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing some experience I have with you to expand your mind too.

My mission is to support you on your heroic life journey. My highest purpose is to help you to FEEL better on the inside so you can experience more flow, connectedness and ease. Remember, we have this one precious life. Live it. 

My Vision for you

That you can engage the gifts, power, and medicine of your soul with the world around you. That you can rise up & shine living true to your vision, values, purpose and potential.

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Hailing from a strong lineage of authentic Reiki and Energy Healing ancestry, Wiebke has been guided by the living, breathing metaphysical world to practice and train in various healing modalities that focus on the energetic system. Wiebke is a Psychologist, Reiki Master and Practitioner, and facilitator of Reiki 1 and 2.  She is an Intuitive Healer and passionate lover of Nature. Wiebke has been offering this work for over a decade, working with thousands of clients across Australia and Germany. With a Masters in Psychology, she combines natural and conventional knowledge to guide clients in their path of heart and mindful living. Wiebke’s energy method shifts body and mind into a more connected, coherent state of energetic flow. Helping clients to achieve better health, creativity and balance in this one precious live.