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Struggling with anxiety? Stressed? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck?
We got you….you are in safe hands

The Offerings

Valuable & Personalised

Anxiety is personal and Wiebke assesses each person’s unique situation with care and presence.

Live & Live Online

Packages are available in person and online. All you need is headphones, a comfortable sitting position with head support, and some privacy.

Advanced Methods

The unique combination of energy medicine with strategic hypnosis is virtually new in Australia and aligned with the most recent evidence-based methods available today.

Creating real changes

The most important determinant of the eventual success of any therapy or healing is the true desire to get well. We help you clear the path. You have to walk the path.

Meet Wiebke

Founder and Director of the Energy Clinic & Yogatime, a wellness and healing destination, Wiebke Queisser is a corporate consultant turned energy practitioner and psychologist (Germany). Wiebke is on a mission to help people move from fight or flight to flow. This mission is grounded and inspired by her own experience. Wiebke experienced anxiety and burnout following years of ongoing stress. In her journey to recovery, she re-trained as an energy healer and adopted a new way of living, integrating a new set of tools into her life to manage and optimise her mental & emotional health. Wiebke is working with private clients and teams, manage stress, anxiety and emotional exhaustion, navigate through life challenges or prepare for important events. Through her unique, person centred approach, expertise and calming presence, she created a loyal following & community and continues to influence a diverse international audience inspiring people everywhere to shift their energy from fight or flight to flow. Wiebke is currently studying clinical hypnosis & strategic psychotherapy with the Institute of Applied Psychology lead by Paul Gordon. She will combine her energy medicine with strategic hypnosis to facilitate and create powerful shifts and changes in her clients life.

“The Secret Is To Do The Inner Work So You Can Have Outer Impact”

Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing

Our packages are helping you to prioritise self-care and manage emotional exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. You’ll experience a significant shift in your overall wellbeing, feeling lighter, and uplifted.

A Deep Restore

Stress Release Package

This package offers a safe space for you to relieve stress and will help to gently calm your nervous system. Through the practices, you will be able to reconnect to your body, heal your energy body, deeply restore your energy levels and fully recharge your cellular system. This package is for you if you want to sleep better, if you feel you run empty or you are close to burn out. It is fully focused on helping you recharge your ‘body batteries’. Wiebke will include meridian theory and reiki to help restore the kidney and liver meridian function (both activated when we are exposed to stress)

The personalised sessions are designed to immerse you into restorative practice, allowing your nervous system to reset and shift from flight to flow and calm. The 1:1 healing treatment will clear any energy blockages and restore the natural flow (of energy) in the body. The result can be experienced in the reduction of stress and tension in the body, mental clarity, and profound inner calm. The Yoga Membership will gently support your overall wellbeing and help you to stay connected, happy, and healthy.

  • 3x 1:1 immersions into restorative and energetic body practices (75 minutes each)
  • 1x Signature Energy Healing Treatment (75 min)
  • 4 weeks live online yoga membership

The sessions will support you to integrate impactful restorative practices into your life so you can reset and recharge.

This package is right for you if you

  • Are experiencing high levels of stress
  • Have poor sleep
  • Feel disconnected
  • Go through hormonal challenges or changes
  • Need to release trauma (recent or old)
  • Feel anxious
  • Want to deeply immerse yourself into restorative practices
  • Want to recharge your energy levels
  • Want to feel safe again

What to expect

  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • An experienced practitioner
  • Immersions into restorative and healing practices
  • A realignment of your energy body
  • Feeling lighter
  • A reset of the nervous system to help you shift from fight/flight to calm

Investment: $500 includes all three private sessions, one energy healing signature treatment and one-month live online yoga membership with Yogatime

SPECIAL PRE CHRISTMAS OFFER until November 27th:  $420 (save $60)
1:1 Signature Treatment
  • 75 minutes deep healing experience
  • Removing energy blockages
  • Realigning the energy body
  • Helping you to feel grounded and connected
  • How you'll feel after
    • Grounded
    • Connected/ Reconnect to Self
    • Lighter
    • Deeply calm and restored
A 1:1 Yin & Reiki Immersion
  • 75 minutes restorative practice with healing reiki
  • A guided deeply restorative practice with supportive cushions, bolsters and blankets
  • While resting in poses you will receive healing reiki
  • Focussing on healing the kidney meridian, helping to recharge and restore those organs that are activated during stress response (kidney, spleen, liver..)
  • How you'll feel after
    • Recharged
    • Deeply relaxed
    • Better sleep
    • Healed in your body
1:1 Yoga Nidra Session
  • A guided body scan meditation for better sleep
  • Helping to relax the physical body
  • Releasing tension in the physical body by gradually moving through different body parts
  • How you'll feel after
    • Deeply restored
    • Recharged
    • Relaxed, calm and centred
    • Better and deeper sleep
Energetic Body Practices
  • Strengthen energetic boundaries
  • Clear energy blockages
  • Learn how to ground
  • Learn how to release stagnant energy
  • Practices & Meditations
    • Shaking the chi
    • Chi gathering breath
    • Dantian Meditation to cultivate life force and energy for clarity and groundedness
Calm a busy mind

Master your Mind

If you feel like you can’t turn off your mind, you struggle to sleep, or you have too much stress, or no time in your life then this package is for YOU. The sessions will help you to establish an impactful mindfulness practice, building resilience and changing your inner voice from “this is too much, I can’t do this “ to “Ok I got this. I can deal with this.” Turning off an overactive mind and intrusive or negative thinking patterns.

This package includes one initial consult and three private one one-on-one sessions (90 min each) with Wiebke, regular check-ins, follow-ups, valuable resources, and homework to help you curate your own personal practice.

  • 5 x 1:1 sessions
  • 1x 60 min initial consult
  • In-person or live online
  • 75-90 min each session
  • Additional resources and homework after each session
  • Audio recordings of all tools & practices made available for you

This package is right for you if you

  • are currently going through a lot of stress
  • are stuck in habitual reactivity patterns
  • feel scattered
  • you can’t focus or turn off your thoughts, especially at night
  • struggle to sleep
  • are too busy and you feel like you have no time

What you will learn

  • How to manage stress more skilfully
  • Mindful movement, mindful eating, focussed awareness practices
  • Accessible tools that will help you to calm and wind down your mind, therefore increasing your overall wellbeing
  • How to be with difficult or challenging emotions and thoughts
  • How to be responsive rather than reactive

What to expect

  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • An experienced and grounded practitioner
  • Guided body scan, sitting & mindful movement guided meditations including recordings for homework practice
  • Additional supportive resources
  • A structured, evidence-based approach (mindfulness-based stress reduction program)
  • A lot of value, helping you to calm your mind and reduce stress
  • Better sleep at night
  • A perspective shift


$650 (for all five sessions plus 60-minute consultation), including additional resources and recordings

SPECIAL PRE CHRISTMAS OFFER until November 27th:  
$490 (save $160)

Payment plans available.

  • Personal consultation
  • Wellness check in
  • Identifying your main needs & goals
  • Meditation & Practice
    • Guided body scan practice for deep relaxation
    • Homework
  • Neuroscience
  • Pillars of Mindfulness
  • Meditation & Practice
    • Mindful Eating
    • Homework
  • How we respond to stress
  • Identify habitual stress patterns
  • Challenge vs. comfort zone
  • Meditation & Practice
    • Mindful Movement
    • Homework
  • Focussed awareness
  • How to be with our own thoughts
  • Curating your personal practice
  • Meditation & Practice
    • Focussed awareness meditation
    • Personalised practice
  • Guided focussed awareness up to 30 min
  • awareness breath, body, sounds
  • How to respond rather than react
  • Curating your personal practice
  • Meditation & Practice
    • Focussed awareness meditations
    • Personalised practice
An introduction to freedom

Anxiety Reduction Signature Package

Struggling with anxiety? Stressed or feeling overwhelmed and stuck?

This carefully curated solution-oriented package will teach you how to stop worry, self-criticism, and overwhelm.  If you are suffering from anxiety it is something that you should really deal with. Prolonged periods of stress have potential consequences for your long term health. The good news is you can take back control and find relief. We use a unique combination of strategic hypnotherapy and energy healing, both empirically based methods, tested and proven.

Wiebke will work with you in five private coaching sessions and teach you how to change intrusive thinking, reduce over-analysis, stop catastrophising in the future so you can take back control. Through energy healing, she will then shift any energy blockages and stagnant energy, and reconnect you to your grounded self, so you can feel safe and comfortable in your own body. This approach is unique and includes both- the cognitive thinking mind and the body and energy body. It is a holistic, unique approach that allows healing on all levels.

  • 1x initial consult to create your tailored treatment plan
  • 4x 1:1 Hypnotherapy sessions (clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy)
  • 1x Signature Energy Healing Treatment
  • In-person or live online
  • Sessions will be recorded and you will be given a copy for further review and absorption
  • 60- 75 minutes each session

The key to freeing from anxiety is to understand that it is not a thing but a process you run. Hypnosis is a very effective treatment for anxiety as it uncovers the process or pattern that anxiety sufferers run, helping them to come to a perspective shift. Once Wiebke uncovered your pattern and process, she will teach you how to think differently, how to take back control, being empowered and strong.

The most important determinant of the eventual success of the therapy is the true desire to get well.

This package is right for you if you

  • suffer from anxiety
  • spend a lot of time in your head
  • want to calm intrusive thoughts
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • want to increase self-confidence
  • have a high need for control
  • want to break free of addiction
  • support for chronic pain

Investment: $820 (4x Hypnosis sessions, 1x signature energy healing treatment, one initial consultation to establish your tailored treatment plan, sessions recordings, additional resources guided meditations)


Payment plans available

  • Personal consultation
  • Identifying pillars of the problem space
  • Identifying the skills gap
  • Creating tailored treatment plant
  • Hypnosis session
  • Working on problem space
  • Creating space between the 'problem' and the clients experience
  • Addressing stable attribution style
  • Hypnosis session
  • Follow up from session one
  • Working on problem space (same or different)
  • The past does not determine your present and future
  • Eliciting internal control (you can choose to change this)
  • Hypnosis session
  • Working on problem space (same or different)
  • Using hypnotic devices to create perspective shifts
  • Being ok with ambiguity
  • Hypnosis session
  • Using hypnotic devices to fill the skills gap
  • 75 minutes deep healing experience
  • Removing energy blockages
  • Realigning the energy body
  • Helping you to feel grounded and connected
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