What’s On Our courses, workshops and events are designed to empower you to live a life in FLOW.

What We Offer

Reiki Trainings

Discover the healing method of Reiki (Usui lineage) and learn how you can effectively utilise this healing energy for your own health and personal growth and in one on one practitioner work. All our courses are certified by Reiki Australia.

200 Hour Teacher Trainings

We partner with our sister school Sukhamukha and are excited that we are now offering transformational 200 hours teacher trainings. All teacher trainings are run out of our beautiful little Bali in Bondi and are facilitated by Sukhamukha and their amazing senior Teacher Trainer team.

Yoga & Meditation Workshops

We have a fantastic team of yoga teachers offering immersive experiences helping you to start, deepen and evolve your Yoga and Meditation practice.

Energetic Body Master Training

We believe that the most valuable learnings come through the felt experience. This energy master training is born out of the desire to connect you deeper to your subtle bodies so you’ll feel liberated and enjoy this life! Discover your subtle energy bodies and how you can effectively utilise energy healing practices to remain grounded & centred during times of transition or high change.

Our Yoga Studio

Join our Yoga haven! A haven of unheated, real yoga with fabulous teachers and a down to earth community. The studio has the perfect size for you to improve your practice.

Energy Clinic

Stress is exhausting. We can help! Simply book in for one of our amazing energy healing and treatments and come out feeling lighter, freer and at peace.

Live your life aligned to your soul path!

We had a chat with our founder Wiebke on how to live a life that is aligned to our unique soul path. Wiebke has created this worksheet with tips & inspirational questions to remind & inspire you on what's important for YOU in this mystical and beautiful life.

Reiki Trainings & Energy Healing

Our Reiki first and second degree courses are recognised by Reiki Australia.

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