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Meet our amazing Crew

All the teachers at Yogatime are mindful and very skilled, bringing their personalities to the practice and making each class a unique experience that will leave you feeling empowered and strong.


Wiebke, owner of Yogatime, is a yin and prana flow yoga teacher, reiki master, psychologist and energy healer.  She specialises in Yin Yoga, a more meditative yoga which helps to increase flexibility and deepen your practice of stillness.
Brought up with Reiki from childhood by her aunty, all of her initial education on reiki and energy healing was based on practical knowledge passed down from generations in my family. Over the years she then added on theoretical basis to her personal experience and went on to study Acuenergetics, Reiki, Yin Yoga and Meridian Theory.

Wiebke’s classes are focused on the energy body, and the felt experience. She takes you on a journey to the deeper levels and layers of yoga, through breath and fluid flow.  As she weaves in her wisdom of understanding the human spirit, mind and body, with her deep connection to the elements of the earth, Wiebke’s classes are designed to cultivate balance, stability and calmness in every level of your being. Drawing on her passion for Acu-energetics and Reiki, she blends in those healing modalities into her teachings as well.

Expect to move and breathe deeply as Wiebke guides you through your practice back to your authentic Self.


Joao’s passion for arm balances and inverted poses has lead him to develop his own practice with slow movements, concentration and precision. Joao’s classes focus on Peak Pose sequencing, where, through progressive sequences, we prepare the body and mind to achieve those more challenging poses.

Joao has been a student and teacher of Yoga for over 11 years. His Yogic journey has taken him into Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga, focusing in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Over the years Joao trained and learned from renowned Yoga teachers around Australia and the Globe; Michael “Laxmivan”, Duncan Peak, Simon Borg-Olivier, Simon Park, Idit Hefer Tamir, Maryanne Edwards and others.


Mark first discovered yoga in the 90s with his mum at a Body Balance gym class and liked how it calmed the mind and stretched the body. Mark’s practice has ebbed and flowed into a way of ‘being’ since then.

From trainings in Sydney at Samadhi and Sukha Mukha 200hr to ashrams in India at Sivananda Trivandrum and Osho Pune and intensive retreats with much-loved guru Clive Sheridan where the adventure toward consciousness has been transforming.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”  Hermes Trismegistus

Mark has also been studying astrology for almost two decades, holding lunar astrology workshops,  and interweaves the cycles of the planets and seasons into his teachings. Mindfulness, acceptance, kindness, joy and the art of ‘sitting with’ are what he wishes to bring to his practice.

Holding kirtans in Sydney for the past 2 years has also been a personal and rewarding sadhana as a means to uplift the heart through this beautiful bhakti practice. Mindfulness, acceptance, kindness, joy and the art of ‘sitting with’ are what he wishes to bring to his practices he shares. He runs community Kirtan nights at Yogatime once a month so make sure you come along and check it out.


Dafna’s background in dance and performance initially led to her interest in yoga 12 years ago. Her decision to teach emerged as a natural progression from her dedication to meditation practice and resonance with the yogic teachings. She completed her initial training in the traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga style in India and later undertook her Yin certification in her home-country of Australia. Apart from her regular application and teaching of yoga, Dafna is also a trained psychotherapist and facilitator of mindfulness and meditation practice. She has a broad range of experience running classes and workshops both locally and on international retreats, within corporate and educational settings, community agencies and in private practice.

As a practitioner, Dafna brings a holistic approach to her work with the goal of facilitating a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages deeper self-reflection, resilience and wisdom using mind-body practices that cultivate vital energy and physical capacity. She is a warm, personable and down-to-earth practitioner that delights in witnessing the positive effects that yoga has on her students’ lives both on and off the mat.


I found yoga in a time where I probably couldn’t run any faster, from one day into the other, trying to squeeze and fix as many things in my days as possible. Soon I began to realize that we are gifted with our highly intelligent bodies, our capacities and our ability to feel all these amazing things when we take time to pause and listen carefully. The more I practiced, the more I started to see and feel the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signals, shifts and changes in my body and I started to learn (and love) how to take care of myself. I now have a deeply rooted passion for sharing what I’ve learned with others, inspire others to practice self-enquiry and to live a conscious life. I’m always eager to keep developing and learn more, to inspire myself and others, to be self-aware and to nurture their physical and mental state of being.

Guiding a groups of students through a flow is one of the things I love the most, getting them to feel and drop into their bodies and to be curious to what’s happening internally. The intention is to create a good blend of slowed down movements, relaxation and challenging and strengthening poses to add some fun and boost focus and confidence!

Over the last 3 years I’ve trained with Johan Noorloos (Amsterdam), Nichole Walsh and Rod Galbraith (Sydney) and Truth Robinson (Sydney).


Maria found yoga six years ago in her search for inner peace, purpose and something deeper. She became a Yoga Teacher in India and completed further studies with Nicole Walsh, Mark Breadner and Shiva Rea.

Maria’s intention as a teacher is to share the power of the practice and to create space for people to discover the joy that resides in each of us.
Maria ‘s classes are fluid – a connection between breath and movement; and energising – a combination of strength and balance. She seeks to incorporate the balance between traditional and modern yoga – you can expect pranayama and meditation in her classes. Her teaching embodies her love for spirituality and movement, inviting everyone to clear their body and mind of static energy and experience the healing power of the practice.


As a teacher, being able to share her knowledge, experiences and spirit with others is a gift that Tory is always grateful for. She wants her clients to feel supported and free to explore their body and mind in a space that is free from judgement and stress. A class with her might be strong or gentle or somewhere in between – she will challenge you to go deeper and she will offer modifications and plenty of support, where it’s required. Yoga should be accessible to all.

With a cheeky sense of humour bubbling below the surface, Tory teaches from her heart and lets the ebbs & flows of her own life & practice guide the practise she’s offering her students. If she’s unaware & blocked in her own body & life, how can she guide you to be more aware & open in yours?

With a penchant for many of life’s pleasures and the ability to burn the candle at both ends, yoga is her trusty equilibrium. Yoga encourages her to honour herself wholeheartedly, which is what keeps her connected to it.


Izabela discovered yoga at 13 when she found herself in possession of an introductory yoga book and unknowingly found herself doing salutes to the sun. Already an avid meditator and Buddhist, it made sense. She kept the practice up at irregular intervals and in Australia got hooked on the heat and intensity of Bikram Yoga.  It wasn’t until Izabela became a mum that she started to appreciate the philosophy, steadiness and strength of Hatha Yoga. With an MBA in marketing management and international business law mindset, it took Izabela a very long time to finally admit she wanted to ‘go rouge’ (to quote her mum) and follow her heart.

Izabela’s yoga training was at Prana Space in Rose Bay where she acquired skills in Yoga Therapy, Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga. Her qualifications include: Hatha Yoga (Prana Space 2013), Prenatal and Postnatal (Ana Davis Baby Bliss 2014), Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy (Elightened Events, 2016), Kids Yoga Teacher (Prana Space 2015) and Naturopath (2017).

“Being so unhappy and searching for such a long time, yoga is my home – my yoke. The meditative aspect of yoga strips down the illusion of life, brings out the truth and can definitely help one get to that holy grail of happiness. And no mater how turbulent my personal life is or how busy my head is, the moment I step on the mat I feel like only my breath matters. I come out ‘clean’ at the end of the practice.”


My yoga journey began 12 years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the way the practice created so much more space in my body and more clarity in my mind.

My practise became my ‘go to’ place whenever I needed to recharge my energy or find some peace away from the fast paced modern world we live in. For me, yoga is a never-ending journey of discovery, growth and healing. I am a passionate lifelong student of this ancient yet modern practise that endeavours to align body and mind with inner spirit.

I am trained as a vinyasa flow and yin teacher, and reiki practitioner. My happiest place is guiding students through a healing and yin and reiki class or a slow flow, encouraging us to slow down and connect to our inner world.

My classes to have a ‘no pressure’ approach to yoga, asking you to let go of expectations and to focus on making yoga work you.


Valerie has always been an active person since a young age, and has enjoyed practicing & teaching different sports. Yoga came into her life 10 years ago whilst living in her home country of Canada. It was the mix of strength & flexibility that really drew her to the practice; and by gaining a better understanding of the workings of yoga, she realized it was a great way to bring balance into her life, as well as calmness to the mind. It became evident that she needed to train & share the love of yoga. Rishikesh, India is known as the yoga capital of the world & the mother place of yoga; and what better place to embrace the practice than there.

For Valerie, yoga is not only a passion, but also a lifestyle. It’s a place to explore the boundaries of your body & mind, and most importantly, have fun. Her practice is a combination between internal & external work – a perfect connection of the mind & the body. A balance between asana movement & stillness. Between strength & flexibility. She is very pleased to be able to share this through her classes.

Her passions extend to acro-yoga as you challenge your bodies further & connect with other’s more closely. She loves spreading the love of acro and expanding the acro-community through classes and workshops.


One of the reasons I fell in love with yoga is that it helps me notice when I’m starting to become a bit too serious in life… and it is SO important that we keep practicing with fun, lightness, ease and joy. That we laugh when we lose our balance, or give ourselves a friendly smile when our monkey mind is playing tricks on us and we get lost in the silliest thoughts. Ha! And that we then bring that lightness and humor that we discover on the mat to the people that we surround ourselves with in our day-to-day life. Oh, the beauty of yoga.  I love to read and I love to move, I do not like folding socks and emptying dishwasher. I love to enquire and explore, to find the edge and see if I can expand my capacity to exhale into whatever experience arises. I’m a student of life that likes to test the resilience a bit, I offer a nurturing space and facilitate the journey of discovery.