Energetic Body Master Training

Learn and experience your energy body. Explore how to heal youself and how to balance your mind & emotions. In our courses and trainings you will get to know the healing power of your subtle body & learn practical tools & techniques you can incorporate straight away into your daily life.

Energetic Body Master Training

An introduction to freedom

An energy master training born out of the desire to connect you deeper to your subtle body so you can feel liberated and enjoy this life! Discover your rainbow body and learn how you can effectively utilise energy (healing) practices to remain grounded and centred during times of transition or high change. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and this training will empower you to look within to connect to your own inner healer and the healing abilities of your body.

This course will suit you if:

You are going through times of high transitions or change or uncertainty

You are wanting to improve your health

You are wanting tools & practices to feel more liberated, vibrant and grounded

You are wanting a gateway into personal and spiritual growth

You are feeling lonely, overwhelmed or stressed

You are interested in learning more about your subtle energy body


All these practices are an initiation into a self practice that:

Cleanses, heals and allows for release

Introduces you to inner freedom

Brings energy, vibrancy and sensation to your cells & organs

Realigns you to your softness, the feminine soul

Brings you into your body, it’s divine potency, in a safe and sacred way

Introduces you to other beautiful souls on this sacred path


The weekend course consists of 7 modules covering: 

The science of the subtle body

An introduction to energy healing (an introduction to reiki, acuenergetics and samvahan)

Our rainbow body (systematic knowledge of the chakras and the auric field with safe procedures that access their qualities and feel their energy)

Life and the impact on the subtle body (common dis-eases, misalignments, weakened pranic energy)

Energy hygiene (channeling light, protection, energetic boundaries, vibrational energy of the mind)

Our mind, breath & pranayama for clearing

Your personal energy hygiene (you will leave with 1x morning ritual practice sheet, 1x evening ritual practice sheet and your own personal practice creation, you can implement straight away into your daily routine)

The course includes all of the above plus:

1x workbook with pre-course preparation and course content (you will receive a link to download the manual)

2 x 20 min stand alone guided meditations on energy, prana and body (you will receive life long access to the recordings after course completion)

2x 20 minutes stand alone practice to clear your energetic body (you will receive life long access to the recordings after course completion)

all yours to keep!

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