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Our Therapists are skilful and carefully selected. Very grounded, down to earth with the intention to hold space to allow you to be you, helping you to realign back into a healthy, fluid body and harmonious, joyful life.

Meet us


Wiebke holds a very grounded space for you enabling you to fully let go and unfold in your own healing process. Her warm, welcoming style is supported by MA in Psychology, a Reiki Master Degree and years of Energy, Fascia and AcuEnergtics study.

The healing Reiki Energy is strong and through her hands she will skilfully guide through your energy body allowing it to re-align and balance back into a healthy, harmonious flow.

Wiebke teaches as an expert in Reiki and vibrational healing and her mission is to let you experience the deeply healing effects of a balanced energy body. This can help you to step back into a life that is aligned with soul and purpose.

Living a life closely aligned with soul and purpose has profound healing effects.


Anja’s passion for both ancient and modern practices of balancing the overall energy of body, mind, and spirit for health and well-being was first sparked in 2002 when she started studying and teaching (2005) yoga in various places- including India, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Crete and Sardinia. When she discovered the modern treatment modality AcuEnergetics® in India in 2009, she immediately fell in love with it as it helped complement and expand her previous focus on Yoga/Ayurveda and their inherent therapeutic potential. Combining the different components of her treatment repertoire can be even more deeply effective as they are perfectly in tune with each other. Anja sees it as her mission to encourage people to develop more awareness for what their real needs are and take responsibility for how they approach life so they can let go of old restrictive patterns of thought and (re)action while opening up to their inner light and full potential.