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Practices for Yoga, Meditation, Personal & Spiritual Growth

Let's move, breathe and expand together.

Our mission is to provide an authentic, healing & inspiring online offering to you for more joy & calm on your life's journey. If you are interested in going deep into your (energy) body, your breath, if you want to understand the forces of the cosmos, learn about energy and what yoga can really bring into your life then we invite you to become an online member.

What makes our online offering different

Embracing Energy

You are energy. The entire universe is make up of energy. We incorporate this subtle but profound detail into our unique online offering. Our classes and practices are focussed on increasing your prana flow for radiant health, vitality and sustained energy for your entire body. How? You will learn about your subtle body, reiki, prana, chi & meridians, yin and more empowering you to epxeience juicy radiance and felt wellbeing.

Luxurious Yin & Dreamtime Nidra

Our mission is to provide an authentic, warm and inspiring offering that makes you feel safe and rested. Yoga Nidra, Yin & Guided Meditations are life-force generating practices that empower you to shift from fight or flight to flow. These practices have changed our founders, Wiebke Queisser’s life. It’s her life’s work and she put together her personal collection of her favourite and most transforming practices for cellular recharge, restoration and better sleep.

Science based

Our online offering combines Psychology, Yoga & Energy Healing practices. Wiebke has been working as a research psychologist for the University of New South Wales for many years & knows how important science based teaching is to awaken real sustainable changes in health. Her mission is to guide you gently on your journey of personal & spiritual growth and she incorporates all her knowledge into this online offerings making it a profound unique and personal healing experience.

You will have access to:

luna, sun and slow flow classes

guided meditations

pranayama techniques and meditations

guided yoga nidra for better sleep

energy release techniques

immersive yin yoga experiences

educational talks on yin, meridians, reiki and more

Monthly subscription:

health investment- $60 per month ($15 per week)

we will continue to expand the offering monthly

includes all practices spread over 6 modules for easy navigation

includes all live stream offerings of our Yoga Haven in Bondi Australia

authentic, warm and inspiring community

no lock in

cancel anytime

What to expect

1,200 + min of
video class

Feel like you are part of a yoga class with intimate footage, high quality video & audio. Our yoga classes are designed for fluid movements, incopreating dynamic asana (vinyasa) for radiant health. All levels welcome.

Rich & supported meditation practices

Discover the power of pure meditation. Feel like you are in a one on one session being guided through over 300+ minutes of guided meditations, visualisations & nidra practices  enabling you to focus and clear your mind. Learn practical techniques you can implement in your life straight away.

Nidra, Yin & Energy

Immerse yourself in yin, restorative practices and take a journey into your parasympathetic nervous system helping you switch off, recharge your cells, organs and body. Guided yoga nidra meditations will help you to unplug, unwind and get better, deeper sleep.

Wiebke Queisser

‘I am so excited to present this online offering to you. This is my life’s work. It has always been my dream to create a portal where we can all meet wherever you are in the world to come together to share with you my favourite practices, those who have transformed my life. It is an absolute honour to guide you through these practices. My mission is to empower you to make real sustainable changes your felt wellbeing, inspiring you to find joy & calm in this precious, mysterious life. I very much look forward to meeting you through this offering.’

Become an online member

$60 a month ($15 p/w), no lock in, cancel anytime!

Content easy to navigate through modules (yin, nidra, breathe, awake…)

Tools & techniques on energy hygiene & personal growth you can implement straight away into your routine

300+ min of guided meditations

1,200+ min of video content yoga classes

300+ min of yin and restorative practices

Great video & audio quality

About Wiebke

Over the last 18 years as a Psychologist and founder of the yoga & health clinic Yogatime, Wiebke’s mission has been to help people live a life in flow, overcoming their anxiety and fears.

Wiebke is a psychologist & energy healing expert working as a practitioner in one on one settings to reduce her clients stress levels, anxiety, depression and pain. After over 18 years of developing her formula, she works with hundreds of students and corporate clients in Australia and Germany.

Her combined formula of body & energy work, breathing exercises, focussed movement and meditation helps to reach and sustain new levels of energy and clarity so people can feel better, more liberated. Wiebke’s mission is to provide a safe and grounded place,  so you can rest, heal and re-connect to your authentic soul path.

What our clients say

I enjoy Wiebke's refreshingly intuitive yet practical take on the spiritual philosophy of yoga. She has the type of energy that immediately soothes you. Love this for the guided meditations and yin and nidra practices in particular.


Everything was perfect, I really enjoyed this mornings class. I also loved Pau’s class on Wednesday and I have done two on demand classes which were great. So glad that I have this online membership - thank you for making this possible at an affordable price!


Love that the focus is on yin, energy and restorative practice. Wiebke's ability to facilitate you to create shifts in energy just simply needs to be experienced. It really helps me to ground and recharge at the end of the day after a busy day at work. It really is life changing.


Wiebke creates a safe space so that we can go deep into ourselves by energetic and yin yoga and guided meditations, I am so grateful that this beautiful soul is bringing an online community of like minds together


Love the flexibility and that there is no lock in! Wiebke is engaging and her classes are for beginners and advanced yoga people.


You can practice online classes everywhere. What’s different with Wiebke's offering is the focus on restorative classes, yin and yoga nidra. I haven’t found this anywhere else! Highly recommend.


Wiebke’s online classes feel so personal! During the first time I attended a yoga session with her, I felt that I'd gained a new, deeper and stronger connection to my mind and body that my in studio yoga practice had been missing. Wiebke is an extraordinary teacher, bringing flow, spirit and magic to every recorded class.


Her guided meditations are a joy to attend and they are so well crafted, each one is unique and beautiful to participate in. Yoga is all about connection and Wiebke has a wonderful ability to create a sense of unity even through her online and on demand classes! Thank you Wiebke for helping me to find my yoga practice again.


Wiebke’s voice is so soothing, I love listening to her guided nidra meditations at night. Makes me feel relaxed and recharged after a long day of work.


Wiebke teaches every class with sacred attend, her voice is soothing and her ability to create and shift energy in you must be experienced! Her yoga nidra classes are life changing. Thank you Wiebke to help me feel calm and peaceful again!

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