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Wiebke holds a Master of Psychology and is registered with Reiki Australia as a reiki master & practitioner. She works as a practitioner with women & men all ages and treats a variety of modern stress disorders, helping to heal the subtle body, reducing stress levels and even pain related to physical injuries. Wiebke has a particular interest in anxiety and emotional wellbeing. After over 18 years of developing her method and working with hundreds of clients across Germany and Australia, she incorporates psychology, reiki, acuenergetics & samvahan into her healings. Wiebke believes in empowering others, supporting them on their individual healing journey through compassion and holding space. She is committed to bring well-being and a sense of inner calm & connection to as many people as possible.

Acuenergetics Wellness Balancer


Julia will be starting treatment as an AcuEnergetics Wellness-balancer at Yogatime in September this year. As a wellness balancer she helps to restore the natural flow in your body by clearing blockages in centres, meridians and organs. Wellness Balances clear blocked energy channels, reduce stress and tension, increase energy flow, reduce stiffness, strengthen the immune system and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing. A natural flow of the bio-electricity in your body allows for the natural healing process to start and, or speed up. For more information on Wellness Balances visit the AcuEnergetics clinic: Bookings with Julia are available from September.



Rebecca holds a Bachelor of health science in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is registered with the Australian health practitioner regulation agency (Ahpra) and the Australian acupuncture and Chinese Medicine association (AACMA). Rebecca has worked in various places around Sydney, including a community acupuncture center in Bondi junction as well as an IVF acupuncture specialist clinic in Alexandria before deciding to open her own clinic in Balgowlah, Northern Beaches.
Rebecca is a practitioner that treats men, women and children of all ages. She likes to utilise a variety of healing tools including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, eastern nutrition, cupping and gua sha in her practice. While Rebecca treats a wide variety of pathologies, she has a particular interest in digestive issues, muscle-skeletal disorders and emotional well-being. She is committed to helping people reach their highest potential in physical, mental and spiritual health. She believes in empowering others and supporting them on their individual health journey, coming from a place of compassion and self love. Bookings with Rebecca are available every Friday in our healing space.

Reiki Practitioner


Agatha is a Sydney born and Chilean raised Reiki healer. Her passion for the healing art of Reiki began with her own journey, as she navigated through her past-trauma, her thyroid autoimmune condition, endometriosis and mental health issues. Over the last 5 years Agatha has been exploring healing practices such as Herbalism, Yoga, Tarot, and Reiki and she infuses her love for all these practices in her clinic and through her sessions. She continues to be on a path of self-exploration and growth and feels blessed to have discovered the innate healer within, through her hands, her breath and her heart. She believes that we are all capable of healing, of growing, of finding peace in our day to day, of overcoming grief, if we give ourselves the reverence, space, and the tenderness we deserve. It's her hope that she can provide this space in the clinic for you, to come back to yourself and discover the power we all innately hold within. Bookings with Agatha are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays in our healing space.

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