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Personalised on demand classes helping you to achieve better health.

  • Online Membership
  • $ 27 month
  • $27per month

    Unlimited access to our online members portal:

    300+ min of guided meditations

    1,200+ min of video content yoga classes

    300+ min of yin and restorative practices

    Great video & audio quality

    Content easy to navigate through modules (yin, nidra, breathe, awake…)

    Tools & techniques on energy hygiene

    Cancel anytime through your members portal

3 Tips on how to practice online yoga effectively

Find a quiet spot so you can settle.

Everything starts with Energy- create a welcoming ‘home-studio’.

Call it out- choose to be HERE, be present, grounded and curious.

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Our Online Membership is now live!

If you are interested in going deep into your (energy) body, your breath, if you want to understand the forces of the cosmos, learn about energy and what yoga can really bring into your live then we invite you to become and online member. Not ‘just’ vinyasa but dreamtime nidra, yin immersive experiences, guided meditations & energy hygiene practices.

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