Reiki Trainings

Reiki First Degree

Awaken the Subtle Body

Discover the healing method of Reiki (Usui lineage) and learn how you can effectively utilise this healing energy for your own health and personal growth. This course is certified by Reiki Australia. This training will give you knowledge about the history of Reiki and felt understanding of the subtle energy body so you can apply your learnings into your self healing practice, classes and sessions with close friends or students. We will explore reiki and deepen our own awareness for the subtle energy body within a comfortable group dynamic through practice, theory and discussion.

Who is this training for:

Anyone who wants to learn more about the subtle energy body & self healing

Anyone who suffers from stress or anxiety

Anyone who wants to step towards becoming a reiki practitioner

Yoga Teachers who want to incorporate Reiki into their classes

Healers and Wellness Practitioners (eg Massage practitioners)


⊹ Learn how to place boundaries around your energy

⊹ Find out more about the history of Reiki and how it really works

⊹ Sense your own energy and the energy of others

⊹ Explore different practices that connect you to the healing energy and stunning life force that is around us

⊹ Learn to use your hands for self healing and healing others

⊹ Spend this weekend together with a beautiful small tribe of likeminded people who allow you to be seen, heard and raise your vibration.


When: May 1st and 2nd, Saturday & Sunday (11am-4pm both days)

Investment: $300 (includes reiki certification), payment plan available

Reiki Training Testimonials

“ I have done Reiki level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can proudly say that it has changed my life for the better. I had some energy healing done a few years ago to help me unlock some internal blockages and after feeling the impact it had on me, I knew I would one day become a Reiki practitioner to help people in return. Having done my Reiki training with Wiebke is the best decision I made. Wiebke has an extensive knowledge in Reiki and energy healing. She has been doing it for years and she is an incredible teacher, she is soft and she makes the whole experience unforgettable. Plus, the energy she created around her space is safe and very comfortable. The quality of her training is the best there is.  Learning Reiki has helped me being more self-aware, more comfortable and more in control of my feelings and emotions.  It is also amazing to being able to help other people in need."


“I did the Reiki level I and II courses at Yogatime and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Wiebke is so knowledgable and created a really safe and intimate space that allowed us to trust and tune in to our own abilities. It was a truly sacred journey and I can't recommend enough!”


“If I could I would give Yogatime more than 5 stars. I couldn't recommend this studio more. Besides the classes and teachers being amazing, I have done both my Reiki Level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can honestly say it was one of the most humbling experiences. Wiebke presence, energy and knowledge is so authentic and you come away feeling so comfortable and capable to use reiki as part of your own personal journey or with clients. i would highly recommended either doing these courses or experiencing the Yin & Reiki night or one of her treatments.”


Reiki Second Degree

Awaken the Inner Healer

March date fully booked

Discover how you can effectively utilise the healing energy of reiki within one on one practitioner work. This course is certified by Reiki Australia. This training will give you knowledge and felt understanding of the fundamentals of energy healing practitioner work so you can successfully incorporate them into client work.  During the two days you will have plenty of opportunity to ‘practice heal’ to apply what you have learned and to find your own authentic healer gift and voice. We will learn the three sacred reiki symbols and how to effectively use them in the healing process within a comfortable group dynamic through practice, theory, homework, and discussion.

We will also explore the most common energetic misalignments and how to use reiki in a practitioner one on one setting so you can leave with a  comprehensive toolkit of practices & tools, whilst also being confident to do so from practitioner practices throughout the two days.

⊹ Recap your Reiki knowledge (history, theory and self/others healing hand positions)

⊹ Learn the three sacred reiki symbols and how to use them in your healing practice

⊹ Learn techniques to strengthen your boundaries

⊹ Learn energy hygiene practices to use on self and your clients

⊹ Learn how to facilitate distance healing

⊹ Explore your own healing journey so you can step into the healer path and be a role model for others

⊹ Learn how to set up your own reiki practice (insurance, set up, website, marketing tips…)

⊹ Facilitate a one on one healing on a student under supervision with Wiebke Queisser (each reiki two student gets to practice one 1:1 session with a client in a real client-therapist setting)

Who is this training for:

Reiki one practitioners who want to deepen their reiki knowledge and experience

Reiki one practitioners & teachers who want to deepen their work with clients in a one on one setting

Reiki one practitioners who want to start their own reiki practice 

Therapists or Teachers who want to complement their healing work through distance healing & reiki symbols

When: March 20th & March 21st  2021 (10am-3.30pm both days)

Investment: $350

An introduction to freedom

Energetic Body Master Training