2023 Trauma Sensitive Yin Teacher Training

With a unique focus on trauma-informed teachings, energetics and mental health awareness in relation to yin yoga

This Yin teacher training has a unique focus on trauma sensitive teachings and mental health in relation to yin yoga. You will learn core principles of trauma informed yin practice and gain knowledge to apply in your work, practice and teachings. All sessions are live and in-person (no pre-recorded content), and the intimate group size allows a greater impact on the individual and provides a beautiful safe space for us to come together and immerse fully into the healing practices of yin and energetics.


What you will learn in this training:

One of the most important capabilities to develop for us in life is knowing how to restore and reset. When we experience life from a restful place, our nervous system is balanced, the body healthy and we can recover quickly from imbalances and life’s challenges. During a time of adversity, such as we are experiencing today, more and more people suffer from depression, anxiety, and fight or flight responses.

Teaching (and receiving) yin yoga is one of the major mind-body practices that make the difference. Shifting people from fight or flight to flow and restore.

This teacher training will cover a number of important teaching skills and processes that support the deepening of people’s experience of rest, behaviorally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Its purpose is to provide access to tools and resources that teachers can use in order to create powerful and potent yin classes and masterclasses.


Yin Yoga- Fundamentals of TCM and Meridians (with guest teacher Jade Clarke)

Yin Yoga- The five elements and TCM (with guest teacher Jade Clarke)

Yin Yoga- Modern Meridian Theory in relation to each yin pose (Wiebke Queisser)

Yin Yoga- Fundamentals of Energy Medicine and how to apply that in your classes (Wiebke Queisser)

Yin Yoga- Trauma informed teaching; Foundations for building trauma- awareness (Wiebke Queisser)

Yin Yoga- Mental Health Awareness in yoga teaching and how to create a safe container (Dr. Lauren Tauber- live online from the Northern Rivers)

Meet your facilitator Wiebke Queisser

Wiebke is an energy practitioner, psychologist, and founder of our little Bali in Bondi Yoga studio (2016). She studied yin yoga with Melanie McLaughlin (the Yin Space: https://www.theyinspace.com) in 2014, and has been teaching yin yoga to the eastern suburbs community and students since. She has worked closely with Michael Trembath (Samvahan) and studied acu- energetics with Kevin Farrow, acupressure with Ray Ford, and clinical hypnotherapy with Gordon Young.

Wiebke pioneered the applications of energetics and trauma sensitive teachings to yin yoga which has become known as her Yin & Reiki Masterclasses she offers here at Yogatime and along the east coast of Australia as well as in Europe.

“My focus and intention with this training is to teach you how to bring trauma-informed practices and energetics into your classes, life and modalities you already offer. You will learn the different yin poses and related meridians and I will teach you about trauma-sensitive offerings, you’ll learn about mental health awareness teachings (this will taught by Dr. Lauren Tober from mental health awareness yoga), you’ll learn how to create a safe container and how to apply healing touch. This training is not only for teachers but for those who would like to learn more about restorative practices, yin, trauma-informed teachings, self-care and self-healing. My training will have a strong focus on healing and self-healing.” Wiebke

This training is open for everyone. A 200 hour TT is not required to attend this training.


Wiebke has founded our little Bali in Bondi aka Yogatime in 2016 and has created a strong, authentic community that loves all things yin, healing and restorative yoga.

2 Countries

She has educated, trained, and coached yoga students and clients in Germany, Netherlands and Australia since 2007


Wiebke has impacted more than 11.000 students and clients since 2014


To learn more about her and her story click here.

YACEP approved by YA

Certificate of Completion

Reiki Level One and Level Two Certificate*

Recognition by Reiki Australia

This training is recognised by Yoga Alliance for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and member upgrades.

Main takeaways?

In addition to the module contents above you will learn fundamental tools and resources that include reiki in yin yoga, fundamental principles of trauma-sensitive teachings, anxiety and yin yoga, and foundations of energy healing and healing touch.

Plus lots of add-ons, self- care tools, supportive materials, access to Wiebke’s online library of favorite yin and energetic masterclasses, curated articles and guided meditations to share with your students, friends, and colleges.

Each day starts and ends with a guided yin & reiki practice for you to feel what it feels like to receive reiki and yin. This training is a very safe space and you will feel comfortable and supported during the days. There is enough time to restore and recharge and deeply relax.

Meet our amazing guest facilitators Dr. Lauren Tober and Jade Clark

Jade Clark is a Chinese Medicine physician who draws from almost 30 years experience across a range of modalities, to facilitate physical and emotional healing and connection. Her approach is subtle and holistic, exploring where deeper change may be needed to restore balance. An acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and Japanese reiki practitioner, Jade trained with the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangzhou Hospital in Southern China. A lecturer and educator, Jade shares her knowledge and wisdom of Taoism and the Chinese Medicine Five Element model in workshops and retreats, teaching people how to tap into sources of medicine in the natural world and support ones self-healing abilities.

Dr Lauren Tober, BSc (Hons) DPsyc (Clinical) MAPS Clinical Psychologist and Senior Yoga Teacher is based in Mullumbimby. She is the founder of Centre for Mind Body Wellness and Mental Health Awareness Yoga. She offers trauma-informed professional development trainings for yoga teachers and health professionals.

“As a practising Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher of nearly 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand the way yoga helps with mental health. But I’ve also seen the way it can hinder it. I developed this innovative Mental Health Aware Yoga training to support Yoga Teachers to make their classes safe, nourishing and transformative for all students, including those experiencing mental health challenges.”


March 1st-5th, 2023 (8.30 am- 5.30 pm)


Yin Teacher Certification

Early Bird Price: $900 by January 15th

Full Price: $1200


Yin Teacher Certification with the add on Reiki Certification:

Early bird price: $1100 by January 15th

Full price: $1300

* Reiki Level One and Two will be taught March 17th-19th 2023 (a different date can be chose also later in the year)




A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure your place in the course. 

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