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Yin & Reiki Masterclass

Join Wiebke for the final 2022 Winter Yin Masterclass. An exclusive and deeply restorative event. Eight students only. Two hours of Yin practice, to nourish the meridian lines that are most active in Winter, including a touch of healing hands and reiki healing throughout the masterclass. Individually and for the entire group (group healing).


Monday, August 15th


Investment: $50

50 Hr Trauma sensitive Yin Teacher Training March 2023

August 2022 is fully booked and we just opened up spots for the 2023 Yin Teacher Training. We are taking in eight students to embark on this unique and special yin and mental health Yoga Teacher Training immersion. This Yin teacher training has a unique focus on trauma sensitive teachings and energetics in relation to yin yoga. You will learn core principles of trauma informed yin practice and gain knowledge to apply in your work, practice and teachings. All sessions are live and in-person (no pre-recorded content), and the intimate group size allows a greater impact on the individual and provides a beautiful safe space for us to come together and immerse fully into the healing practices of yin and energetics.

March 1st-5th 2023

Investment: $900 Early Bird, $1200 after

Including Reiki L1 and L2 certification: $1200 Early Bird, $1450 after

Meditation Evening

Meditate Together

We will practice different meditation techniques and buddhist based healing methods. You’ll explore accessible visitations, energy work and other holistic healing methods that will help you to start or deepen your meditation practice and support your health.

These evenings are held monthly (last Monday of each month). They provide the opportunity to prioritise self, to reset and be in a place that allows to connect. We will energetically hold space for each other, and you’ll feel more connected and stronger after. Ready to start a new month with clarity and a calmer mind. these evenings are open for beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. Everyone is welcome.



Monday, August 29th 6.30pm-7.30pm

Investment: $25

Live your life aligned to your soul path

We had a chat with our founder Wiebke on how to live a life that is aligned to our unique soul path. Wiebke has created this worksheet with tips & inspirational questions to remind & inspire you on what's important for YOU in this mystical and beautiful life.

Reiki Trainings

Our Reiki Program is a world-class professional development training for individuals seeking knowledge and practice in energy medicine, self- and healing others.

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