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Upcoming Workshops at Yogatime

Reiki Level One Course (First degree)


Start Energy Healing

  • Have you wanted to work as an energy healer?
  • Learn rituals and techniques for protecting & charging yourself with magnificent reiki energy?
  • Become more in tune with your own energy body?
  • learn how to work effectively one on one with clients?

Reiki Level One is the initial step in your Reiki journey where you will learn the history and fundamentals of Usui Reiki whilst being carefully guided on how to work with Reiki as a self healing modality in daily life. Reiki 1 can be chosen as a step towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner or as investment in your health and tool along your personal & spiritual growth. Wiebke’s Reiki level one course is one of the most thorough and comprehensive available.

To allow social distancing we limit the numbers or students to 4 per reiki course.

Our Reiki level one course includes enough time for practice and we provide enough therapy beds for students to be able to apply what they have learned and to practice in a one- on -one healing treatment.

This course includes your manual in hardcopy, all materials, printed lineage, the reiki attunement (you will be attuned to the sacred reiki energy), the certificate in Reiki, delicious snacks & herbal tea plus an invitation to the incredible free Reiki Share Nights.

You will learn about the history of Reiki and we will explore lots of different tools to enhance and deepen your awareness for your energy body, healing meditations and learning what is Chi and life force and how to channel it through. In our Reiki one course we do focus a lot on practice as well hence we spread the day over two days as this allows more time to connect and for the content to really drop in and to apply. Our courses are run in a real learning group environment with lots of practice and exploration in order to really step deep into the healing energy of reiki.

COURSE DURATION:  2 day course delivery spread over one weekend with 7 days of at-home Reiki ritual and pre course preparation.

Sample Program Reiki First Degree

You will learn:

  • What is Reiki and how Reiki works and its impacts.
  • Reiki’s history, how it came to the west and the modalities it can be combined with.
  • Techniques and tools for grounding, unblocking, and charging yourself with magnificent Ki energy
  • Helpful tools and techniques o how to prepare ourselves as a channel of energy and a practitioner
  • The Reiki attunement which opens you up to be able to channel reiki energy
  • How to give Reiki Self Treatment and to loved ones
  • Certificate and practice time post attuenement
  • Opportunity to continue to practice and apply what you have learned in a healing and supportive environment (Reiki Gatherings and Yin & Assisting in Reiki classes at Yogatime)


  • Detailed book course manual
  • Healthy snacks & herbal tea (lunch not included)
  • Practice time post attunement
  • Certification
  • Connecting to a wonderful authentic vibrant community

When: Saturday June 20th & June 21th  (both days from 10am-4pm)

Investment: $300 (payment plans available)



‘I did the Reiki level I and II courses at Yogatime and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Wiebke is so knowledgable and created a really safe and intimate space that allowed us to trust and tune in to our own abilities. It was a truly sacred journey and I can’t recommend enough!’ Alex

‘It was so lovely to meet Wiebke and share such a special day being in the presence of beautiful energy. I loved every minute and slept so well last night and felt like I had so much more energy today. Thank you for your wisdom and introducing us to such a wonderful path. I can’t wait for the next training.’ Sara

‘Thank you for all of this information and again for the weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first Reiki experience. Thank you for facilitating such a beautiful experience and for your wisdom and guidance. ” Lauren

To find out more about Wiebke and her healing journey go to our Blog 

Yoga Self-Care Workshop with Wiebke

„Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
„Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
Fall in love with the path of deep healing.Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourselfbut with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.“

Join Wiebke for an afternoon of  healing, meditation and spiritual self care practice.

Yoga, Meditation and Reiki are powerful practices providing us with the tools we need in order to take good care of our spirt, soul and body. Yoga is the science of spirit and soul and this practice helps us to re-align and re-balance so we can experience our precious life from a healthy and grounded place.

The afternoon starts with an all level Yoga class focussing on circulating stagnant energy in the body (out) and releasing any dense or tight muscles through gentle and simple pranayama. Wiebke then will be sharing her favourite spiritual practices to distribute the energy evenly within the body (harmony) and to remove any stuck emotions/energy blockages. We will be then guided through a beautiful meditation technique that allows us to reflect on the question on what self-care means uniquely for you means for us.  After a group share we will dive into a relaxing and blissful nidra practice, ending with the healing touch of reiki. You will experience a blissful and very relaxing afternoon leaving you feeling deeply nourished, liberated with a profound sense of inner calm.

Life, particular in these days,  is a journey of growth, change and adaptability. It is our responsibility to  make sure that we move through this life journey in a grounded, conscious and healthy way so we can enjoy this lifetime fully and share with others.

When: July 25th, at Yogatime, 2pm-5pm

Investment: $50 (space is limited to 8 people)

Reiki Level Two course (Second degree)


This course is for students, who really want to awaken the inner Reiki Practitioner. Awakening the inner Healer is a pivotal moment in any Healers journey, as it is here that often one changes course and begins waking up to a life which is aligned deeply to soul purpose. At Yogatime we aim to nourish this process as much as we possibly can.

In Reiki Second Degree, students will learn the three reiki symbols, methods of distance healing, the role of reiki practitioners as well as helpful business tips and the ethical considerations involved. This is a stunning course for those who desire to be a qualified, professional reiki practitioner, for those who are ready to embrace this healing art into their daily life or those simply wishing to extend their own self-healing practice.

You will learn

  • Re-cap on Reiki Theory, Hand positions and the sacred opening of a one- on -one healing treatment
  • The three sacred Reiki symbols
  • How to apply the symbols in healings and everyday life
  • How to send Distant Healings
  • The importance of  the Healer and the role as a healer
  • Protection and Grounding
  • The Code of Conduct and Ethics of becoming a Reiki Practitioner
  • An understanding of the new role as a Reiki Healer
  • How to set up a a successful Business

COURSE DURATION: 2.5-day course delivery spread over 2 weeks with 7 days of at-home Reiki ritual

On completion of the course

After completion of this level you are recognised as a practitioner and are able to practice your new learnt modality in a professional capacity and charge money for your services accordingly.

You will receive a Certificate of the Second Degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing on completion of the course together with a manual, handouts and on-going support, including scheduled Reiki share at Yogatime.

Morning and afternoon refreshments are also provided.

Investment: $400 (payment plan available)

When: March 14th & 15th (Saturday and Sunday)  (11am-4pm), Thursday March 26th 6pm-9pm

Prerequisites: You must have completed Reiki level one

To find out more about Wiebke and her healing journey go to our Blog 



‘The training with Wiebke was an absolute gift – and exactly what I needed . Her openness, care, wisdom and love made the whole experience incredibly special and meaningful.  The willingness to flow to where the two hours took us was wonderful as It enabled me to guide the session to where I needed  ‘gaps’ filled. It meant that our time together was maximised with knowledge input that  I needed most. I valued hearing  how Wiebke’s journey with energy work has unfolded and her practical guidance on what is most effective when working with clients was very useful – as a beginner I am most concerned about ensuring clients are happy.  She instilled confidence with the constant reminder that i can’t do anything ‘wrong’ when working from the heart and that really we are equipped with everything we need once initiated. I highly recommend any reiki course or yoga  class with Wiebke – her authenticity, knowledge and beauty is rare and something to be treasured.” Lucy

‘I learnt so much. So much about me and my own personal energy but I also got a deeper understanding of reiki and how it can benefit so many people. I loved the hand out information, there is a lot to absorb so it’s nice to be able to come back to them and remember. I loved the space Wiebke created and the feeling of security and calm it had. I loved how Wiebke explains reiki and how she uses a lot of visualisation and practice to explain the theory and the way it is set out it is the perfect mix of structured and flow. ‘ Rachel

‘I did the Ho’oponopono meditation for 5 days straight after we did our training and even just in that small amount of time the shift it gave me was immense. I have also since practiced reiki on 2 people and could feel such a difference when practicing as to what I felt and how powerful it is.’ Ally


~ With Joao da Costa ~


Join Joao in this 3 hour workshop as we discover techniques and tools to turn our worlds upside down.

We will explore a range of exercises and drills the body needs to get inverted safely as well as establish a platform for you to continuously evolve your handstand accuracy, precision and control.

In this genuine workshop style, we will:

  • Break down key elements that create balancing on your hands a possibility.
  • Learn how to get in accurately, stay in comfortably and get out safely.
  • Explore prehabilitation and joint health exercises for injury prevention.
  • Discuss the complex anatomy of the shoulder girdle and the rotator cuff muscles.
  • Explore your range of motion and improve your mobility.
  • Understand the role of balance and how we can experience better ways to develop it.

Workshop content:

  • Anatomy and alignment principles.
  • Conditioning and strengthening drills.
  • Prehabilitation exercises.
  • Improve range of motion and mobility.
  • Animal movements.
  • Partner exercises and handstand assists.
  • Fun ways to use tools and props.
  • Apply handstands into your Yoga practice.

What you will get from this training:

  • A stronger and more confident handstand.
  • Enhanced understanding and control of your body.
  • Tips, tricks and tools for you to progress and implement regularly.
  • A clear pathway for you to continue developing your handstand practice.
  • A wider skill set to further enhance your existing inversions.

This workshop will be a platform to help you feel confident and empowered.

When: June 7th, 9.30am

Investment: $50 members, $60 others

More about Joao:

Joao’s passion for arm balances and inverted poses has led him to develop his own practice with slow movements, concentration and precision. Joao’s classes focus on Peak Pose sequencing, where, through progressive sequences, we prepare the body and mind to achieve those more challenging poses. Joao has been a student and teacher of Yoga for over 11 years. His Yogic journey has taken him into Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga, focusing in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Over the years Joao trained and learned from renowned Yoga teachers around Australia and the Globe; Michael “Laxmivan”, Duncan Peak, Simon Borg-Olivier, Simon Park, Idit Hefer Tamir, Maryanne Edwards and others.


Rainforest Rescue Day


Let’s support and plant some trees Yogis!

We are teaming up with our friends from Rainforest Rescue.

Australia is home to the most ancient and biodiverse rainforests in the world, and the revival of rich rainforests is the key to our planets survival.Rainforest Revival Day is a festive fundraiser. Supporting the vitally important work of Rainforest Rescue and Big Scrub Landcare.

When: Sunday, March 29th, 6.15pm

What: Kirtan with Mark.

100% goes to Rainforest Rescue

All class passes purchased the weekend of March 28th- 20% of revenue goes to Rainforest Rescue.


Sunday Kirtan is back! Every first Sunday of the month.

Join us every first Sunday of the month for live music, community and connection.  Share with us this devotional practice & chant with us to drop into your heart space.  Spend your Sunday evening with live music and a room full of likeminded people on the path.

It’s going to be an absolutely divine evening and we hope you can make it!

When: July 5th, 5.30pm

Investment: $ 15

Family, kids, friends welcome. Yummy snacks and tea provided.

Mindful Revolution


‘ A hook for me was to reset & reconnect with all the good ‘stuff’ like meditation, yoga, spiritual practice. Meeting well established senior teachers & healers in the area was a gateway into better physical and energetically health for me personally.’

‘I live such a busy life and am often pulled into all direction. The program was amazing and it helped me to re-focus on the things that matter and to re establish my meditation practice. I absolutely loved meeting Mel and Michael both amazing healers and teachers.’ 

‘I thoroughly enjoyed our mindful revolution and can’t recommend it enough. I wish I could do it again!’

‘I loved it! Being a mum and full-time worker this program helped me to re-connect to my own wellbeing and to find time for myself to nourish and recharge. the meditation practices where easy to learn and yet very powerful. I felt very connected throughout the course and was able to deepen my yoga practice as well. I definitely would do it again!’ 

‘This program is a gateway into spiritual and personal growth’

Mindful Revolution

~ A six week health restore ~ 

Do you want to have better health?

Do you want to re-establish daily rituals for personal & spiritual growth?

Reset and reconnect to all the good stuff?

Learn how to live a life lead by deeper Intention?

Do you want to enhance and deepen your Yoga Practice?

Learn about energy hygiene and your meridian system?

Learning Mindfulness & Meditation practices,

Deepen your commitment to it?

Become part of a beautiful connected community?

These six weeks will guide you into mindfulness practices, yoga, meridian theory, meditation, the amazing human energy system and more!

With Guest Teacher Melanie Mc Laughlin on Meridian Theory and Fascia Research and the amazing and Healer Michael Trembath on Energetic Health, Healing and Himalayan Meditation Practice.

Read below to explore the full program and benefits of participation:

Join us for 6 weeks of Yoga, Reiki, Fascia research, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, daily spiritual practices and more. 

We gathered three amazing experts on Yin Yoga (Melanie Mc Laughlin), Reiki (Wiebke Queisser) and Vibrational Energy Healing & Himalayan Meditation (Michael Trembath) to guide you gently and mindfully through the magical world of Yin, Energy and Mindfulness.

The program includes:

o  1x exclusive evening with Melanie McLaughlin (2 hours)

o  1x exclusive evening with Michael Trembath (2 hours)

o   1x Reiki Healing (45 min)

o   4x weekly 2 hour community group meetings lead by Wiebke plus one final dinner together as a group.

You’ll get:

-An opportunity to deepen and enhance your YOGA practice! (Yoga pass

for four weeks)

-A Gateway into personal & spiritual growth

-A chance to truly experience deep and lasting transformation, taking that

empowered step in creating a life you truly want to live

-Be the happiest, healthiest person you know!

This program will help you to (re) establish daily rituals for personal growth, to (re) connect to a deeper meaning in life and to help you to live a life lead by deeper intention, more connected to your soul path. This program can be experienced as a gateway into a deeper meaning of life and spiritual growth.

Investment: $320 (includes all of the above), payment plans available.

When: Kick off  June 2020

Sukha Mukha Teacher Training

At Yogatime we are always looking for collaboration and community. Sukha Mukha is a beautiful boutique Yoga studio in Bronte and we have developed a friendship over the years and we believe wholeheartedly in the value their trainings, programs and courses offer. If you are looking for an amazing Teacher Training that is deeply aligned to the core of Yoga, its philosophy and more,  in a boutique environment then read on:)

Sukha Mukha for their 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and embark on a deeply transformational journey. Experience the benefits of studying in a small group in a boutique Bronte studio, where you have the opportunity to build community and you are given individual attention – honouring the tradition of yoga teacher training.

​Over the past ten years Idit Hefer Tamir, founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga, has become an integral part of the teacher training program and alongside Katie Manitsas, has continued to develop and fine-tune its content, giving students one of the most thorough groundings in the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga in Australia today.


Find out more about their 200 TT by clicking on the link below.

Bookings for Trainings at Yogatime Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer any refunds. Payments are non refundable. Payment in part or in full confirms your place and is therefore binding. In special circumstances if you are unable to attend the course for which you have booked we may consider a transfer or a credit note, at our discretion. Credit notes WILL NOT be offered after the date of the course that has lapsed. Yogatime serves the right to change the location or the hours of the training if the need arises.