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We transformed a plumbing garage into a colourful cosmic playground celebrating yoga, spirituality, community & healing.

A little Bali in Bondi

Our Yoga Haven

Our studio is a haven of unheated, authentic yoga with fabulous teachers and down to earthy vibes. Our teachers are real people who really get you. The studio is cosy warm in winter and we don't use any extra heating in summer.

Boutique classes

The studio fits 8-9 mats and has the perfect size for you to start or grow your practice. AS soon as you walk through our blue garage doors you will feel part of a warm, authentic and inspiring community.

Le petit rainforest

We love our plants & trees dearly and we believe that in order to feel grounded, peaceful and serene you need to be surrounded by nature. Flow through your practice and enjoy stunning views into our petit rainforest. In summer the doors are open and you can relax into the calming sounds of the birds and nature.

Join us from anywhere in the world

Our online membership is now live!

If you are interested in going deep into your (energy) body, your breath, if you want to understand the forces of the cosmos and what yoga can really bring into your live then we invite you to become and online member.

Find your tribe

We’re pretty lucky to call a pristine garden sanctuary with balinese jungle feels in the middle of Bondi Beach our home. This place attracts some truly incredible authentic souls and we’re proud of our community. Most people turn up to our courses knowing nobody and leave with a like-minded new crew.

Our classes

We believe that some of the most valuable learnings come through the felt experience. We achieve that through designing unique class offerings that fuse reiki, breath work and asana with core principals of yoga philosophy and mindfulness.


Yin Yoga cultivates wholesome states of relaxation and enhanced immune function. Reiki supports the body’s own life force energy and unlocks greater health and well-being.

Students experience a clearing of energetic blockages and leave with a calm, refreshed mind, feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually rejuvenated.

Energy Flow

A powerful and healing vinyasa practice led by Wiebke, that will leave you feeling more connected than usual. Wiebke incorporates the concepts of energy healing and life force into her classes with the aim to distribute the energy in your body evenly and allowing you to charge yourself with the life current of the universe (chi). You will feel fluid, expanded and very connected to your breath.

Sun & Luna Flow

These are our classic vinyasa yoga classes, designed to align our energies with the rhythm of nature. Sun Flow is a vibrant powerful practice creating strength and a deeper relationship to prana. Luna Flow uses asana to cultivate stability and calmness of both body & mind. Both practices will cleanse and tone your body while opening and focussing your mind.

Slow Flow & Align Flow

Suitable for all levels and beginners to learn refined movement and the alignment of yoga asanas and poses. Our Slow Flow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned.

Why us?

We care

From the moment you walk into our healing sanctuary you feel at home, safe and cared for. The energy we created in the space will create the first step of energetic shift needed for your practice, health and wellbeing.

We are authentic

Our teachers are real people who really get you! Their teachings and healing power are coming from very humble & grounded place. We believe coming from an authentic place provides the power off true mastery and healing.

Science Based Healing

We combine Psychology, Yoga and Energy Healing in all that we offer. Often Yoga is just taught as a physical practice. We believe of the importance to include the subtle body (energy) the mind (psychology) and the breath (pranayama) in everything we teach and offer backed up by science and research.

Interesting Yoga Research

Did you know?

Research shows (Harvard Medical School( that mind-body-practices can have a positive effect on almost every system in your body. Yoga helps us to get a better body image and allows us to eat more mindfully as we become more aware of how our body feels. Practicing Yoga soothes anxiety and stress levels and we feel stronger and more recharged.

What’s On

Take a ride into your body & mind. Check out our events, trainings & courses.

The Online Membership is now LIVE!

Liberate your Body, Shift your Energy, Embrace your Spirit. Let's move, breathe and expand together!

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