Yoga & Meditation Workshops

The Soulful Practice

with Sian Pascale

A full and deep experience of yoga including the elements of pranayama, mantra, kundalini kriya, meditation and tantric philosophy. The Soulful Practice has been created to demonstrate how all encompassing the yoga tradition really is. Through weaving the elements of pranayama, mantra, kundalini kriya, meditation and tantric philosophy through asana, The Soulful Practice creates a deep and expansive experience of Yoga. By working with breath, movement, sound and focused awareness we have the power to shift and change our energy and drop into the expansiveness of the soul. Together we will breathe and feel deeply, find release and connect with universal, cosmic energy.

When: May 5th (Wednesday), 6.15pm (finish 7:45pm)

Investment: $38

NEW Moon Women’s Circle

with Sian Pascale

The ancient ritual of gathering on the new moon to connect to the feminine or yin nature of the cosmos is one which we have become disconnected from. This feminine energy is important for all humans to connect with, male, female and non-binary. It is the energy of Shakti, flowing, flexible and creative. The New Moon Women’s Circle by Sian Pascale is an opportunity for us to gather in sacred space to move, breathe and honor the divine feminine in her fullness as we connect with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature so that we can live in greater harmony.
This women’s circle will include Tantric feminine practices which awaken the power of Shakti within our own bodies and allow us to explore the Chakras and energy centres within the body temple. We will also be working with movement, pranayama, kundalini kriya, mantra and meditation to align with cosmic energy and set intention for the coming lunar cycle.

When: May 8th (Saturday), 5.30pm

Investment: $47

About Sian Pascale

Sian Pascale is an experienced Energetic, Breath, Meditation and Yoga teacher. Her teachings draw from Mother India where she lived and trained for several years, learning through the Hatha, Ashtanga, Himalayan Kundalini and Tantric lineages. She teaches privately and collectively, locally and internationally. For over 20 years Sian has been dedicated to the yogic path, this deep integration has allowed her to merge ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access. She creates conscious experiences that reconnect her students to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world, in order to harness subtle vibration for deep shifts and expansive states of being. As a student and teacher of the tantric yogic path Sian aims to support women to use these ancient practices in their lives today, to not only open themselves up to life, but to really crack themselves wide open! This work invites women to create the passion, pleasure, joy and freedom into their lives that they deserve, and that she has created in her own life. Sian Pascale has trained 500 hours in the Fembodiment™ methodology from which many of these sacred feminine practices have drawn. These practices are specifically based on Shakti traditions and practices found in the Kaula and Mishra streams of Indian tantra, as well as the Taoist Feminine practices of China.

Sian is the founder of The Light Collective and E-RYT500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Trainer.

Season Change

Winter Yin & Reiki Masterclass


Join Wiebke for this unique healing medicine for your body, soul and spirit.  A whole evening dedicated to Yin & Reiki, Wiebke sharing her healing gifts and methods with you. You will experience an inspiring journey through your energy body and a deep state of calm and rest for your nervous system and body. In Chinese Medicine- Water is the primary element of winter and in the organ system is represented by the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder. This time is the best time to start to retreat inwards and to cocoon into a warm, safe and grounded inner light. We will take the time to replenish our resources that have been used throughout the year. On a physical level we will strengthen our kidney function, so we will be ready for the upcoming season change and help let go of fear and worry. 


When: Wednesday, 2nd June, 6.30pm

Investment: $45

The Pillars of Vinyasa- Yoga BASICS

This four week course will help you align & refine your flows, learning the theory behind & practising each group of poses week by week. We will really slow down, connect to breath & break down each shape to find an understanding of how it fits in your body as well as within a sequence. When we understand the physical, emotional, mental & energetic effects of the postures we can be more intentional in our yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or craving a deeper dive, this course will build a steady foundation for your practice for years to come.

Every Thursday 6.15pm.  Available as a package or single classes. As a Yogatime members can attend this class with your membership package. This class is suitable for Yogi Beginners and for those who would like to improve their yoga practice and learn Vinyasa from the ground up properly to avoid injuries and to flow and move freely.

When: Starts Thursday March 18th 6pm

Investment: $25 drop in or package of $100 for all four Thursdays (includes TWO extra classes to use)

A Four Week Meditation Course


Join Wiebke Queisser, Psychologist & Reiki Master, for this new 4 week course specially designed to help you get started right with all things meditation. Experience how nurturing, how easy and how effective even a short, simple meditation practice can be when you’ve been shown the right way to approach it.

Over four weeks Wiebke will teach key meditation techniques, as well as offer time to practice each session to help you cultivate your own meditation routine that works for you. Stick with this daily habit to experience the full power of your practice or access these resources where & when you need them in times of stress or overwhelm.

Mini-topics include how to:

* reduce anxiety

* improve sleep quality

* include self healing into your daily health routine

Be introduced to:

different meditation styles

different techniques


audio recordings to download and practice at home 

a weekly meditation gathering for you to practice and experience the benefits of meditating in a group setting

tips & tricks to establish your own personal mediation practice

When: Over four Wednesday’s 6.30pm (finish 7.30pm) starting June 9th

Investment: $25 drop in or $80 for the entire course. Members $70 for the four week course.

Sound Healing & Gentle Yin

Heal through the sound vibrations of clear quartz crystal bowls and the healing medicine of gentle yin yoga. Sound is Medicine and a gift of vibrational healing. We are all unique vibratory beings including our bones, tissues, organs. Sound helps to re-balance our physical body and clears the energy body from blockages and old stagnant energy. Your nervous-system can rest and restore and you will feel rejuvenated and balanced. Immerse yourself & your energy body in healing vibrations. Relax and allow your nervous system to reset and find a deep restorative and healing rest. The very talented Conny Dietzhold from shift meditations, will facilitate the healing sound bath. Wiebke will guide through some gentle yin while you  bath in the healing sound vibrations.

When: Wednesday, 26th May, 6.30pm

Investment: $47

Kirtan with Mark

We are so excited & grateful that our community Kirtan nights are back on! The very talented Mark Ashmore will guide you through an evening of community, live music, chanting & singing. It’s going to be an absolutely divine evening and we hope you can make it! Family, kids, friends welcome! Pre-book or pay at the door.

Please note that the event is limited to 16 people, we recommend to pre-book.

Mark’s newest release is now on Spotify! Go to Spotify and look up Mark Ashmore, Ganesha.

Every FIRST Wednesday of the month.

When: April 7th, 6.30pm

Investment: $25

New Moon Sisters Gathering with Wiebke

Meditation, Feminine Energy, Sacred Space, Breath & Reiki

Throughout history women have gathered in sacred circles to empower each other, to share wisdom, to laugh and to nurture each other. This intimate gathering is an invitation for all like-minded women to come together for genuine and authentic connection, to support each other, to share and to create community. When women gather in a Sacred Circle, magic happens! During our time together you will be gently guided through visualisation meditations, breath, movement and self-enquiry. We will explore our inner wisdom through sharing and journaling in the presence of a sisterhood and the Gathering will close with nurturing yin & reiki . Uncover and strengthen your feminine energy where others hold sacred space for you and you hold space for others.

This gathering is open to all women, of all ages. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket, journal and pen, something to place at the altar and an open heart

Spaces are limited so bookings are essential.



When: 10th June, 6.30pm 

Investment: $44