200 Hour Teacher Trainings

We have partnered with sister school Sukha Mukha who has been running teacher trainings for more than a decade offering soulful trainings focussed on in depth traditional teachings taught by very knowledgeable senior trainers who live and breathe the sacred practice of yoga. The training will be run at Yogatime and is facilitated by Sukha Mukha. To join the 200 training or to find out more click below and embark on a deeply transformational journey. Our teacher training will inspire you to take charge of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by laying the practical and philosophical foundations of a lifelong yoga practice —one that you can share with others.

Yoga & Meditation Workshops


Online meditation & healing practices series


Join Wiebke, for a meditation & energetics practices workshop series. To help you in these challenging times to improve your mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. It is important at this time to keep the heart open, the body connected, and the mind calm. This will help us to find inner balance and peace, moving through the challenges of life in a more grounded and centered way.

We will meet via zoom and Wiebke will introduce and guide you through centering healing practices, meditations and visualisations aimed to clear the energy body, quieten the mind helping you become a more grounded and centered human being. You will also discover and learn about the fundamentals of energy and your subtle body.


Thursday 29th July, 6.30 pm for 45 min

Saturday,31st July, 4pm

Sunday, August 1st, 4pm for 45 min

Investment: $60


  • Three live sessions
  • Access to recorded practices from each session to continue to practice and integrate


Lockdown three Week Mindfulness Program

The more awareness you have, the more power you have. In this 8-week mindfulness course, we inspire transformation through the power of presence, awareness, and focus. We guide you through the basic principles of mindfulness introducing a weekly theme and accessible stress reductions techniques, you can implement into your lives straight away. 3-week series, weekly themes, accessible tools for stress reduction & a positive mindset.

We combine the latest research, science, and ancient concepts, helping you to become a more centered human being.

Duration: 3-weeks, 45 min online live sessions

Start: Tuesday, August 17th, 6.30 pm (45 min)

(we meet again on August 24th and August 27th 6.30 pm)

Investment: $75

LOCKDOWN Yin & Reiki Masterclass


Join Wiebke for this unique healing medicine for your body, soul and spirit.  A whole evening dedicated to Yin & Reiki, Wiebke sharing her healing gifts and methods with you. You will experience an inspiring journey through your energy body and a deep state of calm and rest for your nervous system and body.  We will take the time to replenish our resources that have been used throughout this lockdown. This class will nhelp let go of fear and worry. 


When: Sunday, August 22nd, 4 pm (finishes 5.30 pm)

Investment: $35

POSTPONED The Pillars of Vinyasa- Yoga BASICS

This four week course will help you align & refine your flows, learning the theory behind & practising each group of poses week by week. We will really slow down, connect to breath & break down each shape to find an understanding of how it fits in your body as well as within a sequence. When we understand the physical, emotional, mental & energetic effects of the postures we can be more intentional in our yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or craving a deeper dive, this course will build a steady foundation for your practice for years to come.

Every Thursday 6.15pm.  Available as a package or single classes. As a Yogatime members can attend this class with your membership package. This class is suitable for Yogi Beginners and for those who would like to improve their yoga practice and learn Vinyasa from the ground up properly to avoid injuries and to flow and move freely.


Investment: This class is included in your current Yogatime pass. Just book in:)

Sound Healing & Gentle Yin


Heal through the sound vibrations of clear quartz crystal bowls and the healing medicine of gentle yin yoga. Sound is Medicine and a gift of vibrational healing. We are all unique vibratory beings including our bones, tissues, organs. Sound helps to re-balance our physical body and clears the energy body from blockages and old stagnant energy. Your nervous-system can rest and restore and you will feel rejuvenated and balanced. Immerse yourself & your energy body in healing vibrations. Relax and allow your nervous system to reset and find a deep restorative and healing rest. The very talented Conny Dietzhold from shift meditations, will facilitate the healing sound bath. Wiebke will guide through some gentle yin while you  bath in the healing sound vibrations.


Investment: $47

POSTPONED Energetic Body Master Training

An energy master training born out of the desire to connect you deeper to your subtle body so you can soothe your nervous system, gain new levels of energy & clarity. Discover your subtle body and learn how you can effectively utilise energy (healing) practices to remain grounded and centred during times of transition, change or just the ups and downs of life. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and this training will empower you to look within to connect to your own inner healer and the healing abilities of your body.

This course will suit you if:

You are going through times of high transitions, change or uncertainty

You are wanting to improve & sustain new energy levels 

You are wanting tools & practices to feel more grounded

You are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, stressed

You are interested in learning more about your subtle energy body


Book in below or find more details and information here


Investment: $149