Teacher Trainings

200 Hour Teacher Training

We have partnered with sister school Sukha Mukha who has been running teacher trainings for more than a decade offering soulful trainings focussed on in depth traditional teachings taught by very knowledgeable senior trainers who live and breathe the sacred practice of yoga. The training will be run at Yogatime and is facilitated by Sukha Mukha. To join the 200 training or to find out more click below and embark on a deeply transformational journey. Our teacher training will inspire you to take charge of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by laying the practical and philosophical foundations of a lifelong yoga practice —one that you can share with others.

Yoga & Meditation Workshops


A Mindful Pause 2022

One Day in Studio Silent Retreat


This guided one day silent retreat will offer a safe space, allowing time to pause, relieve stress and centre yourself with mindfulness. Wiebke is a Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and MBSR Training) and is offering an opportunity for you to pause and be guided through a day of silence and mindful practice and reflection. You will explore different mindfulness and meditation practices throughout the day and also have the opportunity to sit in silence for up to 30 min. This day is not for beginners, we will not be teaching how to meditation. We will guide you through meditation practices and visualisations that will help you navigate out of that ‘mental storm’ and shift towards calm and inner freedom.

  • Expand your understanding of mindfulness and experience the benefits of one day dedicated to introspective practice
  • Explore your inner landscape and reconnect with your essential nature
  • More gracefully handle challenges, improve your mental health, and inspire those around you
  • Return recharged, more at ease, and with new perspectives for 2022

What you can expect:

A safe space and time to cultivate and deepen a mindfulness practice away from everyday distractions.

We will meet Friday evening for an Orientation and start the day retreat on Saturday Morning 9am.

Most sitting meditations last about 30 minutes, followed by shorter periods of mindful movement.

You will engage in many forms of mindful exercise, including sitting meditations, lying down meditations, mindful walking, mindful moving, and standing meditations.


What to bring:

  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Blanket
  • Meditation cushion
  • Yoga mat
  • Healthy, well-sourced foods for meals throughout the day (please bring your own meal and snacks with you)

We ask that you coordinate with others in your household in advance to ensure you have the time and space necessary to practice and can remain silent for as much of the retreat as is possible.


This one-day silent retreat will help you to:

  • Deepen or cultivate your own practice
  • Gain more inner wisdom
  • Create more space
  • Get more in touch with who you are as a person
  • Go from places of stress and anxiety and bring yourself to a place of calm
  • Navigate out of that mental storm
  • Allow time for you to pause, reflect this year and become clear on what you want for your life


March 4th, Orientation 6.30pm (one hour)

December 4th: 9am- 4 pm Silent Day

Where: At Yogatime

Investment: Early Bird $150 till February 15th, $190 afterward


Limited to eight students.


Yin & Reiki Masterclass

Slow Down- realign your energy body

Join Wiebke for this unique healing medicine for your body, soul and spirit.  A whole evening dedicated to Yin & Reiki, Wiebke sharing her healing gifts and methods with you. You will experience an inspiring journey through your energy body and a deep state of calm and rest for your nervous system and body. We will take the time to replenish and pause. Spend two hours in silence. On a physical level, we will strengthen our liver function, to help us ground. 

When: December 22nd, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Investment: $65

Limited to 6 spots.


Soulful Closure to 2021

Join Wiebke for a sacred journey of reflection. This evening is an opportunity to acknowledge the wisdom gained through the challenges of this year and will allow you to find closure so you can start peaceful and grounded into the New Year. You will have the opportunity to journal and reflect after being guided through a visualisation meditation. We will end the evening with a sharing circle and set our intentions.

When: December 23rd, 6pm

Investment: $25 cash donation