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Yoga & Meditation Workshops

Yin & Sound healing


We are vibrational beings, including our bones, tissues and organs. Sound is Medicine and can help to re-balance our energetic, mental & physical bodies, releasing deep rooted tension and emotional blocks.

This Friday, we will be opening space for a beautiful healing evening with clear quartz crystal bowls while you immerse into deeply restorative yin poses. Balancing our energy body is so important for our health and emotional and vibrational wellbeing. When things and emotions get stuck and don’t move that’s when we feel imbalanced, flat and stagnant. Through sound we can find a beautiful energetic realignment from within which leaves us feeling more free, more liberated and in flow with life within and around us.

When: Friday, September 11th 6.30pm-8pm

Investment: $45


About the facilitators:
Olivia, (@thatbowlgirl), has been facilitating sound healing journeys over the last few years in and around the eastern suburbs. Her approach is gentle and her voice is stunning and very healing. Wiebke, our founder, has many years of experience in teaching yin  & completed over 150 hours in yin teacher trainings  with Melanie McLaughlin (the yin space), one of the most talented & leading experts in Yin & fascia meridian research.

Blossom into Spring

“The Spring Solstice marks the transition away from the depths of Winter as we move into a time of sunshine and growth. “
This workshop will guide you through yoga and meditation practices as well as providing tea and essential oils to support your journey, planting the seeds you wish to manifest come Summer. Spring is the season of beginnings – we will set intentions and develop nourishing practices you can carry with you to stay grounded when things become busy, it will be a beautiful space of community and a time to rise into the energy of Spring with clear heartfelt intention. Includes: Workbook with detailed practices, Rise reiki infused tea & essential oil, rose filled eye pillow – yours to keep!

When: Saturday, September 26th 2.30pm-4.30pm

Investment: $50

A Four Week Meditation Course

Discover your own meditation routine

Why Meditate?

Meditation has been scientifically proven to have many incredible health benefits both physically & psychologically. Just some of them include; stress reduction, boosted immune function, increased brain function, reduced anxiety, decreased blood pressure, muscle relaxation, higher emotional intelligence and improved sociability.

These benefits can be experienced immediately regardless of which kind of meditation you’re practising, how long you’re meditating for or even how often you’re meditating. There are many kinds of meditation & the science tells us that it really doesn’t matter which one you choose, they are all equally as effective as one another.

Ultimately meditation is a practice of focusing your attention, with an open attitude, in a comfortable posture.

Over four weeks Mischa will demystify & teach key meditation techniques, as well as offer time to practice each session to help you cultivate your own meditation routine that works for you. Stick with this daily habit to experience the full power of your practice or access these resources where & when you need them in times of stress or anxiety.

This course is for those who would like to start a regular meditation routine and for meditators who would like to deepen their meditation practice.

When: Over four Thursday evenings,  6.30pm starting 1st October- 22nd October 0
Investment: $90

The Pillars of Vinyasa

Almost every yoga class naturally flows along a similar pathway. We move from Sun Salutations, to Standing Poses, to Backbends, Twists, Forward Folds & the best pose of all – Savasana. In sanskrit, the language that we use in yoga, “vinyasa krama” which we often shorten simply to vinyasa or even flow actually means “wise progression”. 

This four week course will help you align & refine your flows, learning the theory behind & practising each group of poses week by week. We will really slow down, connect to breath & break down each shape to find an understanding of how it fits in your body as well as within a sequence. When we understand the physical, emotional, mental & energetic effects of the postures we can be more intentional in our yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or craving a deeper dive, this course will build a steady foundation for your practice for years to come.

When: Wednesdays 5.15pm over four weeks starting September 23rd- October 14th

Investment: $100 for the workshop. Series plus a two week unlimited Yoga pass $150

Meditation meets Life

Monthly meditation

This meditation class will provide you with space and tools to nourish your wellbeing and clarity within a supportive community. The session format will include a dharma talk on integrating meditation into life, Q&A, group discussion and a 30min meditation practice. The practice will be partly guided with intention setting, breath-work and a mantra to help steer your mind into a silent meditation.

Each month, we will explore a new theme from the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Buddhism, using a variety of different approaches, to distill the foundational, practical insights of these teachings so that it can inform – and transform – our modern daily lives.

This workshop is open to all levels, it’s a great way to learn the basics of meditation, be a part of a community and reboot your home practice. It is offered both face to face and online, every first Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm.

When: Wednesday September 2nd, 6.30pm

Investment: $25 (Yogatime Members: Freedomship and New Paradigm free)

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