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Energetic Body Masterclass

An introduction to freedom

Final two spots!

We believe that a healthy energy body is the key to a healthy & transformative life!

Join Reiki Master & psychologist Wiebke Queisser for three hours of Energetic Body Training. We will explore the subtle body through theory, guided meditations, pranayama and body movements. You will connect deeper to the layers of your chakras and learn about the theory behind it.

Through practice, group discussions and theory you will immerse into your subtle body, learn about energetic boundaries and the basic principles of energy hygiene. We will discuss the vibrational field of common dis-eases such as anxiety & depression and what is required to keep your energetic body healthy & happy.

This Master class is suitable for all students who would like to take a step forward in their healing or recovery journey, for students who would like to shift from a physical asana practice into the subtle layers of the energy body & teachers who want to immerse into the energy body more deeply.

  • Learn how to strengthen your energetic boundaries
  • Explore your subtle body through guided practices & meditations
  • Discover a new sense of wellbeing
  • Learn the basic principles of energy hygiene you can implement into your daily routine straight away

Benefits of attending this class:

  • This masterclass will help you to understand the energy body and its functions better. This will help you to read our bodies signals better to sustain and create health & wellbeing.
  • You will re-connect your subtle body with your physical body (through trauma or anxiety we ‘leave’ our physical body and don’t feel grounded and embodied), leaving you feeling content and grounded.
  • You will begin to ‘un-stuck’ your life and shift from freeze back to FLOW
  • You will learn how to ground and drain energies that don’t serve you leaving you feeling liberated and free
  • You will receive a daily practice sheet and access to recorded teachings and meditations, helping you to implement what you learn into your daily life helping to get the results you want
  • You will learn how to find instant calm when you feel overwhelmed and how to shift and change your frequency

Includes: Workbook with theory and coaching exercises, rainbow body chakra oil for you to take home

When: December 5th, 10am-1pm

Investment: $77

Summer Solstice Nourishment

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. Not quite the end of the old nor the beginning of the new but a time of harvest & gathering the fruits of our labour from 2020. A time to nourish ourselves inside and out, to reflect on what was with gratitude and to prepare for the new by releasing the old. This workshop will guide you through yoga and meditation practices as well as providing tea and essential oils to support your journey inward. Summer is the season of transformation – we will reflect on things we might wish to let go of to create space for creativity and the joy of being in the present moment.

When: Saturday, December 12th,
Investment: $50. Includes: Workbook with detailed practices, Nourish reiki infused tea & essential oil – yours to keep!

Yin & Reiki Masterclass

End your 2020 with a sense of calm & inner peace

Join Wiebke, Reiki Master & Psychologist for two hours of divine healing and health restore. The experience we create on this evening uses the combination of Yin & Reiki to allow the healing intention of this masterclass to be truly felt. The ancient wisdom of meridian theory and energy healing aligns beautifully with the cycles and rhythms of our natural world, allowing us to feel into a vibration that has long been forgotten in the modern age, connecting us more deeply to our own essential nature.

You will relax blissfully into restorative yin poses, targeting specific meridian pairs with the aim to restore your health & calm your nervous system.  Whilst you rest in the poses, we have two master practitioners in the room working gently with your bodies bio energy-field to support the healing process.

This Masterclass is perfect for you if you want to:

close your 2020 with a sense of groundeness, calm & peace

recharge your energy levels

heal physical or emotional injuries

or you simply need a well deserved break from your daily grind!

When: Wednesday, 16th December 6.30pm

Investment: $40

A Soulful Closure 2020

End of year sacred circle

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, collective fear, adaptability and change. It’s like the entire base chakra of humanity received a reset. Join Wiebke on this powerful weekend of December 20th just before the summer solstice for our sacred end of year gathering. We will come together to reflect on your 2020. The celebrations & achievements, the hardship & the wisdom that comes from it. This circle is an opportunity to rise above the things we may still hold on to and to tap into the wisdom of perspective shift. It is an opportunity to acknowledge what we have learned and to find closure so we can start fresh into 2021. We will deeply care for each other and shift into the frequency and vibration of gratitude together as a group. There will be journalling, a guided meditation, some movements (gentle restorative and a sharing circle for those who would like to share.

When: Sunday, December 20th, 4pm-6pm

Investment: $37

The Pillars of Vinyasa

Almost every yoga class naturally flows along a similar pathway. We move from Sun Salutations, to Standing Poses, to Backbends, Twists, Forward Folds & the best pose of all – Savasana. In sanskrit, the language that we use in yoga, “vinyasa krama” which we often shorten simply to vinyasa or even flow actually means “wise progression”. 

This four week course will help you align & refine your flows, learning the theory behind & practising each group of poses week by week. We will really slow down, connect to breath & break down each shape to find an understanding of how it fits in your body as well as within a sequence. When we understand the physical, emotional, mental & energetic effects of the postures we can be more intentional in our yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or craving a deeper dive, this course will build a steady foundation for your practice for years to come.

When: Date for 2021 announced soon

Investment: $100 for four classes (4x Thursdays) or you can drop in $25 per class

Connection to Country

A deep connection to self and land

Eve is proud of her Wiradjuri/Irish/ Scottish/ mexican/ spanish heritage. A Yoga Instructor, Professional Dancer, Indigenous Cultural Educator, MermaidFit creator, storyteller and Mother of 3. Eve‘s  heart lies through the creative expression within the physical form, with healing and energising to bring the body into ultimate health.  After studying the ancient forms of yoga and chi-gong, Eve was reconnected to her ancestral Aboriginal Roots and has been supporting aboriginal women to find their healing journey through yoga and health. Currently working with Yoga Australia creating  cultural awareness programs for Yogi’s as part of the RAP Reciprocity Action Plan for all Yogi’s of Australia. Combining all of these beautiful practices, Eve created Connection to Country interweaving a unique sensory journey to connect participants with the self, connecting people from all walks of life to these beautiful ancient cultures to bring about healing and mindfulness.
Eve‘s classes are energetic and timely, themed with the universal energy connecting to earth acknowledging the traditional custodians of this beautiful land.
In this 2 hour workshop we will be creating smudging sticks with local plants, sharing culture followed by a connection to country yoga class, allowing deep connection with self, the land and each other.
Johnny Lacey will join us to play Yidaki (didgeridoo) and paint as we practise.

When: NEW DATE for 2021 announced soon

Investment: $50

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